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02. Sunday, December 18th

Is there anything better than when the forecast is accurate and the anticipation was worth it? The weather man came through for us and now we reap the benefits. Here's a recap of our Sunday morning turns and how the 27" of glorious snow has transformed Okemo Mountain.

Soaking in the Sunday sunrise rising over Ludlow.

The sun rose over a crisp winter wonderland at Okemo. Once again we hiked up to get an early glimpse of what things were looking like. On our way up we spotted some groomers and snowmakers hard at work. They made snow on Muellers' Run, Moon shadow, countdown, Moment's Rest, sprint, Buckhorn, and over in the Jackson Gore base area. The winch cats were out as well on Quantum Leap, World Cup, and Countdown. The Sunburst Six and Evergreen Express were spinning at 7 am so we expect them to open without delay.

With snow from this past storm, Okemo was able to drop some ropes and bring the trail count up to 65. This mean 342.8 acres of skiable terrain. There will be 9 lifts spinning, giving everyone plenty of space to spread out.

We skied Jolly Green Giant to Lower Arrow this morning and it was fabulous. Nothing beats the first tracks on a day like this. Soft, crisp, and fast! Temperatures are starting the day in the upper teens to mid 20’s and will climb into the upper 20s as the day progresses. We expect mostly cloudy skis but we did see some blue sky poking through when we were out there.


Pro Tip: Feeling overwhelmed by the lunchtime chaos? Pack a lunch and stow it away in your small carry-on backpack. Enjoy it on the Summit Lodge deck, perhaps? Limiting one carry-on per customer. ;)


It was a two-man show today with Noah and Danny. Plenty of bro-time was had as they slugged up the approved uphill route via Sapphire for summit access. Please remember, uphill travel is not permitted during Okemo's operating hours. Respecting this rule is ~cool~

"The groomers are wicked fast this morning. It's looking really good up there. It's hard not to smile. It has me going 'weeee!' on the way down." - Dan the Quote Man

For more information on today's conditions update, please visit

Thanks for joining us here at Unofficial Okemo. Do you want to join our team of snow reporters? Fill out our contact form here.

Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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