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03. Monday, December 19th

We are starting off today's report with a massive THANK YOU! The overwhelming support for Unofficial Okemo has gone above and beyond our expectations. Overnight, the subscriber count continued to rise, bringing us to a total of 166 members in our community this morning. It's clear that Okemo has a major fanbase and we're so glad that you're here with us. We hope you'll continue to share our snow reports and spread the love.

More importantly, Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate! 🕎

Now, for what you've all been waiting is our Monday morning report:

Felix stopping for photo-op with the Evergreen Express in the background

Once again we are singing the praises of the Okemo grooming team. The natural snow is groomed to perfection.

We didn’t get a great sunrise this morning but the monochrome views of Ludlow were a treat. Grooming started in the early hours of the morning and snowmaking was focused in South Face. They made snow on Buck Horn, Countdown, Sprint, Moment’s Rest, Rim Rock, Link, Drop Off, Muellers’ Run, the Jackson Gore base area, and the A Quad lift line. The Sunburst Six and Evergreen Express were spinning first thing and patrollers were loading on A quad as we skied down this morning. The trail count is up to 74 giving you 379.7 acres of skiing and riding on 11 lifts. My favorite trail yesterday was Searle’s Way, ungroomed, a little bumped up, and plenty of fresh snow. We hiked up the approved skinning route of Upper/Lower Arrow and Upper Sapphire with our headlamps of course! We skied down Upper Sapphire to Lower Timberline. Timberline was flowy, narrow, and super fun. Honestly, anything groomed today will be great. Temperatures are starting the day in the low 20’s, creeping into the teens on the summit with a bit of a breeze. We anticipate mostly cloudy skies today, quintessential Vermont skiing.


The Obvious Tip: It's Monday, which means you're going to indulge in quiet lift lines and ~wide-open-spaces~ if you hit the slopes today. Midweek skiing is the greatest gift the 9 to 5 work schedule has ever granted us. Lifts spin at 9 a.m. see you there.


Today's uphill team included our very own, Noah as well as Danny, Felix, Newt, and Jen. The five-pack traversed up the designated route via Sapphire for summit access. Please remember, uphill travel is not permitted during Okemo's operating hours. The community of skinners have a duty to respect the rules so that we can all continue to enjoy the sunrise hikes and moonlit jaunts. For more information on Okemo's uphill travel policy, click here or call (802)-228-1491 for the hotline.

"When we reached the summit, it was like we entered a snow globe made up of snowmaking clouds. The trails are nicely groomed with wide-open skiing vibes today." - Danny the Manny

For more information on today's conditions update, please visit

Thanks again for making our first two launch days extremely successful. We will be back in a couple of days as we take some mid-week mornings to ourselves. Follow & share our socials at @unofficialokemo for updates when we aren't sending our email reports.

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...this just in...we now have 167 subs. Thanks, ya'll 😎

Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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