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04. Wednesday, December 21st

Happy Winter Solstice (heck ya!!) and welcome back to your new favorite snow report. We're back to help you get over the hump on this brisk Wednesday morning! Whether you're hitting the slopes of Okemo today or living vicariously through us, we're glad you're here.

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An absolutely stunning sunrise photo that you'll likely steal & frame.

Today was an early one due to the fact that I (this is me, Noah) am picking my grandmother up at the airport, but that didn’t stop Danny, Newt, and I from slapping our skins on and getting after it. We had a chilly start with my Subaru reading 12 degrees at 5:24 am. Once again we hiked up Upper/Lower Arrow to Upper Sapphire. We didn't see the sun fully rise, but the sky was a fiery orange at the summit!

There are 79 trails open today giving you over 400 acres of skiing and riding along with 11 lifts. The snowmakers were hitting it hard last night making the most of the cold temps. As former snowmakers, we know firsthand what can happen with a few cold nights. We saw some action on Wardance and everyone's favorite trail Sachem! The groomers were out as well laying down some of Okemo’s finest corduroy. They were also pushing out Countdown which means South Face is getting that much closer

We switched things up and headed down Upper Chief which was left ungroomed. The bumps were hard and fast, very fun, and still some windblown pockets powder around. We slipped over to the lower section of Nor’Easter to get some groomers in and were not disappointed. The snow was groomed to perfection and the cold temps helped the snow set up a bit more leaving a firmer corduroy than we had over the weekend.

We are expecting temps to hang in the mid to upper teens and climb into the mid-20s as the day progresses. It looks like we will have a mild breeze with partly cloudy skies throughout the day.


Parking Tip: The Clocktower Base parking lots tend to fill up quicker than the Jackson Gore parking lots. Think about starting your day at Jackson Gore if you want that fire parking spot. While you're at it, show some love to the parking attendants. They are some of the most lovable employees you'll find in all the land. (I like to bring them Christmas cookies!)


The uphill crew started at a soul-shocking hour of 5:34 a.m. Danny, Noah, and Newt began their trek asking themselves "is this even worth it" with the outcry of a yawn. Fast forward to 6:32 a.m. and the team summited Okemo Mountain (in less than an hour!!) with great pleasure as the sky blazed a fiery orange.

Please remember, uphill travel is not permitted during Okemo's operating hours. The community of skinners have a duty to respect the rules so that we can all continue to enjoy the sunrise hikes and moonlit jaunts. For more information on Okemo's uphill travel policy, click here or call (802)-228-1491 for the hotline.

We are planning on making a long run of our daily reports through the new year, we hope you all follow along for the ride but don’t hold us to it (we still have our day jobs, and families). We appreciate all your support and we love sharing our view into the world of Okemo.

"It was as if the grooming team took a fine-tooth comb and deeply etched it into the trails. If you like fast groomers, you'll want to get out there today." - DC

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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