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05. Thursday, December 22nd

We are starting off today’s report by thanking our followers who took place in our Social Shoutout Challenge yesterday! Our new best friends include: @morgankathan, @abigailrenette, @okemocondo, @blakelygilmore, @mister_based, @honeycombhideoutvt, and @hannah_tobey. We will run this challenge through January 1st, so make sure you read until the end to join!

Ah, the Thursday before Christmas. A time of chaos, excitement, and early dismissal for school children. Today probably marks the first day of Christmas vacation week for you, which deserves congratulations. Let's get the holiday ski week started with today's snow report; brought to you by three cups of coffee, jazz music, and Advent calendar chocolate.

Riley absolutely crushing the slopes. Follow her at @rileykarlphotography

We had quite the crew getting after it today. It’s always a treat to see old friends and meet new ones. It was a bit of a warmer start today, in the mid-teens, and a bit of a later one. We started our hike at 6:14 a.m. and summited around 7:30 a.m. The groomers were out in the base area smoothing things out as we started today, it’s a good time to remind anyone engaging in uphill travel to always wear a headlamp and use the approved uphill routes.

There are 79 trails open today with 9 lifts scheduled. They made snow on Sun Dog, Moon Dog, Rim Rock, Mountain Road, Sachem, Wardance, and Day Break. The groomers were also out and about but they have been leaving plenty of ungroomed goodness for you. A few of our favorites are Searle’s Way and Upper Chief.

We skied down Upper Sapphire to Upper and Lower Arrow this morning. The snow was impeccable. Crisp and fast. We saw around a dozen other uphillers getting after it this morning, keep up the good work everyone!

Now onto the weather, which is making everyone a little anxious. Today we are anticipating warmer temps in the mid to upper-20s with some overcast skies. Tonight and into Friday is another story. Temps are expected to climb dramatically threatening to reach the 50s. We are expecting heavy rain with some wintry mix at the start and end of the storm. The weather is always changing in VT but we don’t think this one is going to miss us.

We do know that the Okemo Mountain Operations team is prepared to deal with whatever Mother Nature can throw at us. Having worked at Okemo over the years, we know they are well-equipped to handle it. Whether we experience ice storms, rain storms, or wind storms they do what it takes to get everyone back out on the hill safely and promptly.


Cozy Tip: Needing a break from the cold? Head over to the Jackson Gore Inn and snuggle up by the outdoor fire pit in the courtyard or the indoor fireplace in the lobby. Grab a hot drink from the Coleman Brook Lobby Bar and put an iPad in front of your kids for a slice of uninterrupted 'me-time'.


The hiking team this morning was rolling deep with uphill enthusiasts Noah, Danny, Hannah, Joe, Newt, Riley, and Dave. The more the merrier they say! For more information on Okemo's uphill travel policy, click here or call (802)-228-1491 for the hotline.

We plan to continue a streak of morning snow reports through the new year. We hope you will follow along, but don’t hold us to it (we still have our day jobs, and families). Thank you for your support, for sharing our mission, and for respecting Okemo's uphill policies.

"The highlight was just being with a big group of friends on really sweet terrain. Again, the groomed conditions are out of this world. " - Daniel the Spaniel 🐶

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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