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07. Saturday, December 24th

Well, we waited 5 minutes(maybe a little longer) and the weather sure did change. From 50 degrees to single digits in mere hours. It's like taking off in Florida and arriving in Boston, but we didn't have to take our shoes off. Merry Christmas Eve everyone we hope you get to spend time with your loved ones and maybe even get some skiing in!

Noah crushing the corduroy this morning!

Today was a solo mission, (Just Noah) and I was pleasantly surprised with the conditions. This type of rain/freeze cycle can turn a ski area into chaos if the grooming and snowmaking plan isn't carefully thought out and executed. An hour or two after sunset the rain turned to snow and temperatures started dropping fast. We gained another two inches of fine dry snow to wrap up this storm. The cold temperatures will be with us for a few days though.

At 5:30 this morning my car read 5 degrees, it was a frozen car door, frozen Thule rack, and frozen cup of coffee I left in my car, kind of morning. Snowmaking was going in full force, resurfacing across the mountain and the groomers timed things perfectly leaving us with crisp corduroy to enjoy on this brisk Christmas Eve. During the whole hike up I saw snowmakers, lift mechanics, and groomers out and about making sure they were giving their all to give us a premium product this morning. On the ski down they were in the middle of pushing out all the new snow on Lower Arrow, it won't take long to get the mountain back in top conditions.


Staying Warm Tip: Make it fun, try out a warm drink at every place you can, almost like a pub crawl, but a hot chocolate crawl!


Sunburst Six, Evergreen Summit Express, and the Solitude Express Quad will start the day on hold but they are still on the docket to open if conditions allow. After the weather we are down to 52 trails with 12 lifts scheduled, that is still 267 acres of skiing and riding. The weather today is a drastic change from yesterday. We are anticipating highs in the mid-teens in the base and the summit hanging in single digits. The wind will be very active today, especially towards the top of the mountain. The forecast is calling for partly cloudy skies, as I write this all I see is blue sky so take it with a grain of salt.

"They did a great job up there, all I was imagining was MLK 2018, but they really timed things well and got after the snowmaking" - Noah

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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