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09. Tuesday, December 27th

We are back in action. After a day off we strapped on our skins and hiked up to see how Okemo was fairing.

Even when Christmas is over, the light of the ski town is still here.

The snowmakers were out and about along with the groomers putting the final touches on the mountain before opening at 8 am. They focused snowmaking efforts across the mountain making on Moonshadow, Sidewinder, Upper Tomahawk, Lower Tomahawk, Upper Wardance, and Homeward Bound to name a few.

Noah and local Telemark legend Chris started out around 5:45 to check-out current conditions. It was a mild start, 24 degrees with little to no wind. It was still dark giving a fantastic view of Ludlow starting its day. It was a great surprise when Joe C. met us up there for the downhill. We have 59 trails today with 16 lifts on the docket.

The skiing was great as always, honestly, it is always going to be great if you are the first ones on the trail. So, here is what I think trail conditions will look like after they get skied on for a few hours. Steep sections will get scratchy, along with tight turns. The sides of the trails will have some soft snow to play around in. It will be busy so be safe and make the most of whatever you can get. On busier days I like to take long runs and trails I might not always ski. Take the Glades peak quad and ski all the way down to Jackson Gore via Solitude and Southern Crossing.


Pro Tip: The lift lines and trails can get busy this week, so look for the Morning Star Triple or Coleman Brook Express Quad and take some hot laps with little to no lines.


Temps will be starting out in the teens on the summit and rise as the day progresses topping out in the upper 20s. They are calling for partly cloudy skies today with mild winds. We are expecting temperatures to rise throughout the week as we get closer to the new year.


9:34 pm Chris: Sry dude. Imma go a lil later. Catch ya another time
9:35 pm Noah: No worries, totally understand!
5:11 am Chris: Nope, im comin!

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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