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10. Saturday, November 25th, 2023

Good morning and welcome back to Season Two of Early Reports™️ with Noah Schmidt! 🌅 I'm your host, Abby Childs, and I'm glad to be back as we dive into 6 a.m. wake-up calls to get these early morning snow reports delivered to your inbox. 💌 We have an exciting program today as we follow along with Noah on his first alpine tour of the 23/24 season. While he was out burning calories, I was gaining them with leftover pie for breakfast. 🥧 As the host, I'm essentially the "guy in the chair", preparing the blog, newsletter, and socials for Noah to quickly input his adventure of the day. Now what you've all been waiting for... take it away Noah. ⬇️

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Welcome back to sunrise shots from Noah!

Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 12/122

🚡 Lift Count: 6/20

Today was my first early morning hike and it was both miserable and exhilarating. 😜 I was up at 4:45 a.m. after checking out Main + Mountain’s reopening as Miracle on Main Street last night. Due to my order of a cappuccino at 9 p.m., it was a slow start. According to my Strava, I was on snow at 5:34 a.m. with temperatures in the teens and active snowmaking in the base area. ☃️ As I made my way uphill, it became apparent I was not in the same physical condition as I was in April last year. One of Okemo’s snowmakers, Steve, stopped by on Lower Arrow, and as tempted as I was to hitch a ride on his snowmobile, I stuck it out and kept pushing forward.

After a quick pitstop at the Mid-Mountain Pump Station to see some old snowmaking coworkers, I finally hit my stride. 🚀 Upper Arrow and Upper Sapphire were a breeze compared to the start of my hike. The sunrise was unmatched; the fiery oranges and red really gave me a boost on the last leg of the climb. Once I reached the summit, it was time to shift gears and get into downhill mode. The temps were cold, so the snow was crisp, making this a perfect start to my day. With first tracks, its hard to go wrong but today was especially good. Looking forward to getting back into my regularly scheduled skinning. 🎉


Pro Tip: Head to Evergreen Express around 9 a.m. as it re-opens for small lines!


I was able to chat with some of the snowmakers today who are hard at work ensuring all of us have a great winter. They are making their way into Solitude now with snowmaking on trails like Sunburst, Tomahawk, and Lower Sapphire which will help increase terrain and get access into Solitude. 🔫 If you see the hard-working men and women out there, be sure to say thanks. Temperatures look great for continued snowmaking through the day and into Sunday morning before things warm up slightly on Sunday night and into Monday. It looks to be a great second weekend of skiing and riding up here, come on up and get after it! 🤘


"Give yourself some grace on the first hike of the year." - Noah 🥵


Think snow,

Abby + Noah







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