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10. Wednesday, December 28th

We’ve been waiting to see another sunrise for a while now and we got a brief glimpse of it. It was like we were looking into Mordor. We had a power trio today with Hannah, Chris, and Noah making the trek up to the summit.

Okemo sparkling at sunrise with skiers looking over the town.
This view doesn't get old.

It feels a little warmer than yesterday today with temps in the upper teens as we started out. It felt a little more humid which made it feel a fair bit more generous. The snow is coming into it today. It feels more solid than it did yesterday, our theory is some extra love from the snow cats helped it out. The corduroy was still as beautiful as ever and great underfoot. The groomers started their day at 4:30 yesterday and were finishing up as we made our way up the hill. The snowmakers were out as well, hammering down in SouthFace. Blind Faith, Stump Jumper, Sun Dog, Moon Dog, Buckhorn, Upper, and Lower Tomahawk, Moonshadow, Homeward Bound, and Wardance all saw some fresh snow last night.


Lift Line Entertainment: We are pretty certain that ski ballet is the world's biggest lost art. Keep yourself and chairlift mates entertained with the Skis of Glory: The Rise, Fall, and Return of Ski Ballet - a three minute video.


We have 60 trails and 16 lifts on the docket today, that's 22 miles of skiing and riding. Temperatures are expected to be fairly mild today reaching into the mid-'30s in the base. Just like yesterday, you will want to find some trails off the beaten path as the day progresses to make the most of the crowds. The Glades Peak chair is always a good bet, it isn't a high speed but the views are on point.


"I love Skiing" - Hannah F.

Anything to add Chris...

"That sums it up." - Chris M.

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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