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101. Saturday, April 15th

I'm not entirely sure how to begin this final snow report, so I guess I'll start with a huge thank you. 🤝 When I moved to Ludlow in 2017, my biggest concern was if I could find a new community of friends in this small ski town. Six years later, I'm vibing with my tribe and thanks to all of your supporting Unofficial Okemo, it has revealed this massive ski community that I now recognize as friends near and far. Vermont is a special place that should be cherished for its unique lifestyle, laid-back attitude, clean air, and its beloved mountains. This season, I realized how many of you adore this place just like we do, and that has never made me feel more at home in this mighty little state. Thank you for being here with us this season, and we hope to connect with you this summer. Peace and love, Abby. ✌️💗

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Another beautiful sunrise at the summit.

Good morning, it's Noah with your final morning snow report. We are capping the season off with one last morning hike. 🎬 Ted and I met at the base around 5:45 a.m. and had to bundle up because it was a chilly 50 degrees today. We both started with a layer before stripping down to t-shirts by the Sugarhouse. The sunrise was amazing and less intense than others but the pastel colors were a treat. The snow surface was soft with a slight glaze over some areas. 🍩

After a leisurely break at the summit, enjoying the views and sipping on strong black coffee we made our descent. ☕️ The glaze we had in some shaded areas was noticeable, soft, but not as soft as the snow in the sun. It won’t take long for the whole mountain to get back to the soft spring conditions, though. The mountain is losing snow fast, but the grooming team knows how to move what snow they have around and some spots that were bare yesterday had some extra snow to start the day.


Pro Tip: Après Afternoons is happening today at the Clock Tower Base Area from 1-4 p.m. (not Jackson Gore!)


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 39/122

🚡 Lift Count: 3/20

⛅️ Weather: High of 73

Now, you're probably wondering what our summer plans are... and no, we are not going to Orlando. 😉 Well, we actually want to hear from you! In the next few weeks, our snow reporter, Jessie, will be sending out a survey via email for you to tell us what you want to see from us during the summer time. ⛱️ In the meantime, if you have any ideas, respond to this email with your thoughts!


From Noah: Thanks for sticking around this year everyone, it’s been a blast. I ski a lot, but I wouldn’t have gotten out nearly as much without these reports forcing me (with love). I believe skiing is a sport that doesn’t need to be taken so seriously. It doesn’t matter how you look, what kind of gear you have, or even if you are any good. What matters is that you are having fun on the mountain and preferably with friends and family. After getting to meet many of you on the slopes, around town, or through emails, I have realized it is even more than that. Skiing is about seeing your kids grow, dinners with family, après with friends, and the rejuvenating feeling you get after a long day on the slopes. We are proud to play a small part in this story, hopefully a piece that helps you enjoy your ski days just a little more, or at least wish you had more. Thanks for coming along for the ride, we couldn’t do it with out you. 💛


"I can't believe we did this 101 times..." - Abby


Cheers to all of our supporters:

Shon & Alex at The Boot Pro

Justin & Eliza at Main + Mountain

Kathy Burns & The Team at Vermont Properties

Noah at Open Door Vacation Rentals

Abby our Graphic Designer

Jessie our #1 Snow Reporter

...and to our ski buddies: Felix, Jenn, Hannah, Cole, Joe Karl, Newt, Avery, Alden, Rachel, Danny, Zoe, Riley, Blakely & Joe, Abigail, Ted, Dr. Mike, the other Mike, Bruce, Eb, Jess & Andrew from Zimbabwe, Cady, Chris Marks, Dave-o, Karsten, Quinn, the Parisi family, the Karner Clan, Meg & Kyle, Uncle Jerry, some guy named Bill, Sammy B, Alex DeLuca, @george.frckiii, @mccarthy_j_92, Mount Holly Beer, Connor Davis, Roger, another guy George, The Moover, and Abby's dog, Maple. We may have missed you, but its not intentional, we simply have too many friends. ❤️

Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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