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15. Monday, January 2nd

What a way to spend the first Monday of the year. We hit Okemo during operating hours for some hot laps this morning. It was my (Abby) first ski day of the season (due to unforeseen surgery & recovery) and it did not disappoint! Noah and I threw our skis on the Thule rack, ate a banana, and had a grand ole time cruising the soft snow. Man, did it feel good to go fast again! My legs are jello, but my heart is full. Now, on with today's afternoon update...

Abby is all smiles during her first ski day of the season!
Abby is all smiles during her first ski day of the season!

Abby and I (Noah) got out on the slopes today for some early morning laps before work. The sun was out, the snow was soft, and everyone was having a great time! There is still plenty of snow out there but it can be thin in sections. The trails are a little more narrow than usual, but the snow was still fast.

We started over in Jackson Gore today, to warm up on Quantum Leap. Not a mellow warm-up run, but it got our blood pumping right out of the gate! We popped over to Solitude and down to Morning Star, a great place to enjoy the sunshine and chat ridding up the fixed-grip triple (and there's never a line!). Line Drive is still one of my favorite trails; it’s fairly steep, narrow, and you get to ski over the bridge. After a few more runs we made our way back to the Jackson Gore Base via Sweet Solitude, Coleman Brook, Moon Shadow, and Southern Crossing.


Pro Tip: I'm the snack queen, so I always make sure to bring a protein bar along for the ride. But, what about water? Camelbacks might cramp your style, so get yourself a mini, flat reusable water bottle to throw in your pocket! What you fill it with is your prerogative. - Abby


Okemo has 68 trails open today with 20 lifts spinning. The sun is shining and the snow is soft, a great day to get out on the slopes. We are back into the traditional midweek skiing, so the parking lots have plenty of space and the lift lines are virtually non-existent.

We are enjoying temperatures in the mid 30s and into the 40s with partly cloudy skies. We are in the track of another storm for tomorrow, which will bring some wintery mix and unfortunately, rain :( By Friday, temperatures should be dropping down again which, will give the snowmaking team time to get back out there and do what they do best!


"Hey Noah...Can you carry my skis for me, pleaseeeee?" - Abby 👸

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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