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16. Wednesday, January 4th

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Today was one of those days where you wish someone would invent mini windshield wipers for your goggles. 🚙 The power couple, Abby and Danny, hit the slopes today for two hours of uninterrupted light drizzle and super silky runs. It is starting to feel like Mother Nature could be confused about the seasons - she knows it's winter, right? Well, she might be coming around because the weather report is showing snow in the forecast and favorable temps for snowmaking. 🥶 In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the somewhat rough yet equally enjoyable spring-like conditions at Okemo Mountain. Now on with today's snow report...

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report: Snowmaking Hike
Low quality photo. High quality rain... I mean snow.

This is my first time writing the "meat" of the snow report, so bear with me! (I'm more of a bun & lettuce writer - Noah is the patty & cheese). 🍔

My husband and I began our wet ski day at Jackson Gore, which was great because we got VIP parking (aka the front row). We clicked on our skis and strapped on our board for our first run down Sunset Strip to Mountain Road and crossed over to the Sunburst Six. It was a good day to ride the bubble for the coverage from the spitting skies, and the lift lines were non-existent. We enjoyed the soft and buttery turns on Sapphire, Upper Tomahawk, Heaven's Gate, Quantum Leap, and Lower Limelight today. Honestly, all of the terrain was beyond my expectations. Yes - there are plenty of thin spots including grass, rock, or a see-thru section to a snowmaking pipe (of course these are roped off and marked). But, the groomers are clearly doing the best they can by pushing out the snow and maintaining the bits we are hopelessly clinging to.

Today's trail of the day was a close tie between Heaven's Gate (down to Solitude) and Lower Limelight (down to Jackson Gore). I famously loath Lower Limelight - it's always skied off, crowded, and there's not a good break spot for such a long trail. However, it won me over a little bit today. My suggestion to you before we get more snow is to ride the trails that the snowmakers hit hard in the early season: Sapphire, Lower Limelight, Nor'Easter, and Heaven's Gate to name a few. They are less likely to have naked spots and the surface difference is pretty remarkable when compared to others.


Content Tip: Shooting a video of your friends doing some sweet tricks at the park or blazing down Nor'Easter? Switch your video setting to .5 zoom for a wide-angle shot.


Okemo has 66 trails open today with 14 lifts spinning. Cloudy skies with short glimpses of the sun poking through greeted us today. The light drizzle and dense fog at the top created a strange combination of a slight chill and a warm breeze.

We saw warm temperatures in the mid to upper 30s and will remain constant through the night and we will experience more light rain into Thursday morning (ugh). However, we are on-track for another storm that looks like it should bring us an inch or two of SNOW on Thursday and into Friday. It's not a promise with the tilting temps, but it will definitely be an opportunity for the snowmakers to get off the couch and get back to work.


"The air is thick as peanut butter and the snow is soft as butter" - Joe K. 🥜 🧈

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