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23. Friday, January 13th

Welcome to your extra spooky Friday the 13th snow report. The current weather is frightening, the cloudy skies are eerie, and apparently there were black cats all over the mountain last night. 🐈‍⬛🤔

None of our snow reporters made it to the mountain today (totally not because they are superstitious about skiing on the unluckiest day of the year). However, Abby was out on the slopes yesterday afternoon to get a feel for the conditions before the crock-of-shit rain/sleet storm came through overnight. Here's the spine-chilling, hair-raising, and quite frankly climate-change-prompted snow report:

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report
Snowmaking on Mueller's Run from 1/12

Yesterday, I (Abby) hit the slopes at 2 p.m. with hopes to catch some end-of-day powder runs. To my demise, the combination of the high-winds at the summit and the high-traffic of the powder searching skiers left little snow pockets for me. It was your typical skied-off terrain with snow pockets on the sides of the trails, scraped ice in the center, and some death cookies in areas. I ended the ski day looking like a glazed donut as the temps started to drop and the ice mist froze up all of my gear. However, the new snow/sleet will definitely help with the low-base issue we've been fighting all season. Overall, the mountain looked lovely with frozen white trees from snowmaking and it was nice to see closed trails covered with a blanket of snow, finally!

Let's recap the weather: We woke up to snow falling yesterday morning, a pleasant change to the precipitation we have been having. After 2-3 inches of snow throughout the day, things worsened. Around 6 p.m. we were getting freezing rain that quickly changed to straight rain. My slip-on Vans was not the best choice of footwear for my dinner at The Homestyle Hotel. We received rain throughout the night that is still persisting this morning.

The precipitation will continue throughout the day and into the evening. Temperatures are starting the day warm, in the 40s across the mountain. As we head into the afternoon temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s and even the teens on the summit. This means the tail end of this storm system should leave us with a little fresh snow before it moves out. It also means that all of this wet precipitation will freeze, so be careful on the roads this afternoon/evening. If we do have anything in our favor it is that temperatures are expected to drop early enough to allow the groomers to tend to the trails in a way that gives us crisp corduroy tomorrow morning.

Today's quick facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 68

🚡 Lift Count: 13

🚨 Chairlifts may have delayed openings due to icing!

🌡️ Weather: Drizzle until 1 p.m. - Temps in the low-40s


Pro Tip: You're gonna want to ride the bubbles today, folks. The Sunburst Six and Evergreen Express Quad are scheduled to open.


Weekend Outlook: Saturday is calling for temps in the low to mid-20s with cloudy skies. Temps will drop in the evening giving us some great snowmaking weather and Sunday will hopefully bring sunny skis and temps in the upper 20s.

We will be hitting the slopes tomorrow to give you an update post-spooky weather. Stay tuned!


"Nope." - Maple 🐾

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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