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25. Saturday, December 16th, 2023

Today is just one of those days when you wake up and know it will be a killer day. 🔪  I woke up on time, got some coffee, and made it to the parking lot on time. We had a great hike with Ted and Felix, and once again, my Spotify playlist has kept me dancing through all of it. 🕺 As I am typing, the sky is getting brighter with a cotton candy vibe, a pale blue sky, and a fading pink sunrise. I hope you all get the same energy boost for whatever today has in store. Before we dive into today's report, I have two updates.

1. ABBY IS BACK! Expect a much better curation on our Instagram today and some fun commentary on tomorrow's report.

2. The Boot Pro is hosting a FREE DEMO today at the top of the A/B Quad. It starts at 9 am, and there will be a raffle with a chance to snag some Unofficial Okemo Merch! Be sure to stop by; hopefully, we will see you there. ⛷️

Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming...

After a long week and a Friday that had me working until 7 pm, I was skeptical about today's adventure, but I made sure I was organized last night and woke up energized and ready to get after it. I actually beat Ted to the parking lot today (this is more impressive than it sounds). 🥳 We were on snow at 5:20, and Felix was there just a minute after (we will give him some slack. He has a long commute of 500 feet). As we started, it was evident that the snow had set up overnight and was pretty firm, even with temperatures in the 30s to start the day. Fortunately, the groomers were out in the base area, giving things an extra pass to ensure all you early birds have an excellent start to the day. 🐥 Ted and I talked shop, discussing the upcoming Elementary Ski program that my company, Open Door Vacation Rentals, can support, and Felix taught me a little more about how the New York Stock Exchange works. We were halfway up the mountain in no time, with the sky seeing its first rays of color. The earlier we start means we sometimes are too fast to catch the sunrise, but getting to watch the valley wake up, transitioning from scattered street lights to a bustling oasis of winter activity, is pretty special. 🌅

Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 42/122

🚡 Lift Count: 11/20

⛷️ Today's Ski: Atomic Backland 100 (Tele)

🎿 Today's Boot: Scarpa T4 (Tele)

🧤 Today's Gear: Helly Hansen

🍎 Today's Snack: Simply Nature Apple Squeezies Apple/Strawberry


After taking a quick minute to enjoy the scenery and for Ted to break his 20-year-old goggle case, we were ready to make our way back down. The snow conditions were overall great, with a few spots that didn't get a second pass by the groomers, which meant they were firmer than others. Not in a bad way, but the snow was inconsistent in spots. For me, that was fine as I was moving at a slower pace on my tele gear and not as aggressive as Ted, the ex-racer and ski coach. ⛷️ Regardless of how firm things were at 6:45 am, the snow will soften as temperatures rise and the sun pokes out. The biggest concern today will be the wind. They are calling for wind around 25 mph today, which could pose a threat to lift operations. 💨 It was windy at the summit, but the bubbles weren't swinging much, and a quick glance at the summit webcam shows things are moving along nicely. 👏


Pro Tip: Day-old coffee heated up in the microwave is a great way to get your first hit of coffee at 5 am. Don't knock it 'till you try it! ☕️


We have TWO NEW PATRONS! 🎉 Thank you to Jeff Boulter and Dick Ferguson for supporting us! Welcome to the Club. This is the best way to support our free snow reports.


"Sounds good. I'm gonna shoot for 5 am, so I'll be there at 5:15 am" - Noah's early morning strategy.


Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo. As a community, we must hold ourselves and each other accountable for following the rules in order to make sure uphill travel remains permitted at Okemo. 🤝

Think snow,

Abby + Noah







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