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25. Sunday, January 15th

When Sunday has the vibes of a Saturday, you know it's going to be a good ski day. ✌️ We hope you are enjoying the long weekend on the slopes of Okemo and finding our reports helpful in your ski-day decision-making. The weekend isn't over yet though...we will be back on Monday morning for your early-morning report as the uphill team hikes to the summit before sunrise. Today, Noah took some quick laps at Solitude this morning to enjoy some bluebird turns and get the word on the latest snow conditions. 🫶

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report
Noah skiing underneath the Morning Start lift

I (Noah) am kicking myself for not hiking up early this morning because the sunrise would have been amazing. But sometimes you just need that extra couple of hours of sleep. I managed to get out around 9:30 a.m. to catch some rays and see how the snow was fairing.

I headed over to Solitude to avoid the crowds and try to find some untouched corduroy. I got the chance to meet some of our followers, Molly and Rebecca, who gave us some intel on what was skiing nicely out there. Sapphire and Lower Tomahawk were top on the list and Line Drive at Solitude took the cake for the best trail of the day. There is nothing more humbling than meeting our subscribers out in the wild. If you see us on the slopes, say hi! You might get a shoutout in our next report or better yet... a sticker. 🤠


Pro Tip: Don't be like Noah and leave your ski boots in your car overnight. It encourages cold and wet toes. Instead, be like Abby and bring your boots inside on next to the heater.


The sun is out with bluebird skies and it actually feels like winter out there. Temperatures will be in the 20s and potentially getting into the low 30s at the base. There are 72 trails open today with all 20 lifts spinning! It's a stunning day and clear views, sunny skies, and great times are to be had if you get out there.

Also, if you didn't notice we have our FIRST SPONSOR! Huge thank you to William Raveis Vermont Properties for supporting our mission. This is a huge milestone for Unofficial Okemo and we hope to continue to grow this platform. There will be more on our sponsorship tomorrow... and be sure to check out our socials at @unofficialokemo for more details then, too!

If you own a business and you're interested in sponsoring Unofficial Okemo, please email us at We are eternally grateful!


"I'm doing this snow report thing..." - Noah
"Cool...what's it called?" - Molly & Rebecca
"Unofficial Okemo..." - Noah
"Omg we LOVE your reports they're the BEST!" - Molly & Rebecca *dramatized reaction*

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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