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29. Friday, January 20th

All of the powder chasers were up and at it early this morning thanks to the 3" of snowfall overnight! If you got the first few tracks on the trails this morning, you were greeted with a buoyant and soft topping of the fresh stuff. Today was a girls day with Abby, Rachel, and Zoe #skilikeagirl 😎 Read more about the trio's snow day exploration below...

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report
Rachel getting after the powder turns this morning!

Upon loading the Jackson Gore Express Quad, my chairlift partner recognized me (Abby) from our snow reports! He said I'm famous, which went straight to my head, and that his kids would be pumped to see the selfie we took. If you see Noah or me out on the slopes, don't be afraid to say hi - you might get a sticker out of it! 👋

Anyway, I quickly got on the Quantum Six for summit access and took a trip down Sunset Strip to Mountain Road and then to the trail pick of the day: Sidewinder. There were only a handful of other ski tracks on the trail, so I got fresh powder turns to myself. Pure joy swept over me and my smile was probably the dorkiest thing you've ever seen (which if you follow our Instagram, you'll see this run on Reels later). Cruising on top of the fluffy and light powder was so worth getting out there... I haven't had many powder days like this one this season... I'm sure some of you can relate. ❄️

The trio enjoyed the following trails: Tuckered Out, Limelight, White Lightning, Quantum Leap, Heaven's Gate, Screamin' Demon, Tomahawk, and Sidewinder. Every single trail skied exceptionally well today thanks to Mother Nature's gifts. We can expect more trails to open throughout this storm and the upcoming snowfall this week. It was, however, a treat to ski White Lightning and Tuckered Out for the first time this season. 😁

Today's quick facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 74

🚡 Lift Count: 12

❄️ Snowfall: 3" so far & 2-4" expected throughout the day!

🔫 Snowmaking: Contingent on weather but they're ready when temps are!




We will continue to see flurries today and you can expect mostly cloudy skies and cloudy weather over the weekend to preserve our fresh snowfall. We hope you can get out there today or tomorrow and reap the benefits of the white stuff!

We are also THRILLED to announce the addition of TWO MORE SPONSORS! Thank you to Main + Mountain Bar & Motel and The Boot Pro Ski Shop for supporting Unofficial Okemo. We have now filled our email marketing ad spaces, which means we have hit our goal to start implementing merchandise, more stickers, and other fun stuff into our marketing plan. ✌️

We have also received nonprofit status, which is a huge win for us and our community. We have lots of plans down the pipeline for supporting our snow reporters, directors, and our local community members. Stay tuned and thanks for joining us on this snow-covered ride.


"I'm not Tuckered Out, I'm Tuckered In!!!" - Rachel

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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