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32. Monday, January 23rd

The powder-chasing crew rolled deep today with Abby, Rachel, Noah, Zoe, Jamie, and Josh! We managed to ride untouched trails, adventure through the glades, and crush the powdery moguls. We'd be lying if we said that today wasn't the best day of the year so far; no lift lines, new open terrain, good friends, and views that felt like you were living in a postcard. The trail count is climbing and you can expect more trails to open throughout the day! Now on with your Monday report...

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report

Abby: We were greeted with an adult snow day with 5" of freshies this morning and knew more would be on the way. It was an easy decision to pick skiing over work today, and an even easier decision to cancel our morning meetings. Noah picked me up and then filled up the Subaru with Rachel and Zoe (who graciously woke up to a snow day from school) and we hit the access road. The first run of the day was Jolly Green Giant to Wardance and it was easily the best run of the season, for me at least. Wardance was completely untouched... not another track in sight. My skis floated on top of the buoyant snow and it was the perfect pitch where you had enough speed but weren't going to go out of control. The trail was actually groomed earlier that morning, so it only had about 2-3" on it, but it was still magical, quiet, and truly a delight. We hit deeper trails like Rolling Thunder ⛈️ and the sides of Sidewinder, Nor'easter, and Heaven's Gate provided big pillows of powder to roll through. Every single trail offered a different experience from the last. Depending on when it was groomed, the pitch, and traffic made for a fun day of new experiences. Also, Switchback is now open, which is easily the most underrated trail on Okemo...short, sweet, and has a fun little glade cut-through you can't miss out on.

Noah: I was planning on grabbing first chair today at 9 a.m. with Abby, but when I got three text messages about hiking up at 6 a.m., well, I couldn’t say no. I met Chris, Connor, and Hannah for first tracks and had the best day of skiing this season. It had been actively snowing since last night and the conditions were amazing. Fresh powder, great friends, and the peaceful quietness of a snowstorm. After our first run it was off to the races, change boots, pick up Abby, Rachel and Zoe, and get to the lift for 9 a.m. opening. We received 5" overnight and it just keeps coming down! We skied all over the mountain, but my pick of the day was Rolling Thunder. ⛈️ Completely ungroomed and deep snow...this is what my dreams are made of.


Pro Tip: Lean back, lean back, lean back. 🎶


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 91 & Counting!

🚡 Lift Count: 13

❄️ Snowfall: 5" to start the day + 3-4" throughout the day!

🔫 Snowmaking Last Night: Timberline, Easy Rider, The Summit, Turkey Shoot, and Homeward Bound. Today: We saw guns blazing on Nor'easter!

Snowstorm Outlook:

The snow just keeps coming, we are still in a winter storm warning until 7 p.m. tonight. We will have a storm total for you tomorrow, but there is another storm on the way for us later in the week. This storm looks to start midday Wednesday and continue through Thursday. This storm looks to be bringing in some wetter weather along with it. Thursday temperatures will rise which increases the chance of some wintery mix and sleet. We have seen a few different numbers out there but accumulation will depend on how much warm air is able to make its way into our region. Right now it looks like 3-6”. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted.


"There's a snowflake on Noah's nose hair!" - Rachel 😨

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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1 Comment

Sammy Blanchette
Sammy Blanchette
Jan 24, 2023

It was awesome seeing you all on the hill yesterday! Keep up the good work!

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