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33. Tuesday, January 24th

Yesterday's snowstorm was off-the-charts good... but do I dare say that today was even better?! If you're into half-powder/half-groomer conditions, then the mountain was your oyster today. The varying terrain options created a choose-your-own-adventure type of day if you will. Abby and Danny celebrated their 4-month wedding anniversary today by doing what they do best; leaving slow polks in their rearview as they hit top-speed down Quantum Leap. They are here to report how the mountain is looking after yesterday's dumping...

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report

My chairlift buddy, Mark L. said today's conditions are "groomed like a poodle" which is both hilarious and partially true. After the storm, Okemo's team groomed out the usual suspects and high-traffic trails, however, there are lots of ungroomed and natural terrain options if you're searching for an adrenaline buzz. Rolling Thunder, White Lightning, Supernova, Eclipse, Double Diamond, Exhibition, and Challenger (to name a few) were all serving up raw post-snowstorm conditions with deep pockets, thick piles, and bumps galore.

Over the last two days, Okemo's trail count has increased by nearly 20% (that's not real math, but you get the point) going from 70-ish trails over the weekend to 105 today. Some of your all-star trails are now open including Rum Run, Turkey Shoot, Searle's Way, Easy Street, and Willie's Way. The exploration options feel endless and the snow variety allows for a fulfilling day. You can go off-roading on Whistler and then cool off on a groomer like Sweet Solitude. There's something for everyone on the forgiving snow quality, the widened trails, and the soft pillows of powder that are still left behind.


Pro Tip: If the Roundhouse at Jackson Gore is full for lunch, go upstairs to the Taphouse. During the week, it's closed, but there's extra seating to bring your bagged or bought lunch.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 105 & Counting!

🚡 Lift Count: 11 (no Evergreen Express today)

❄️ Snowfall: 18" in the last 7 days!

🔫 Snowmaking Last Night: Top of Evergreen, Alleyway, Lower Sapphire, Green Link, Promenade, and The Base Area. Today we saw Nor'easter & The Plunge with guns on!

Snowstorm Outlook:

Honestly, Noah is the weather guy here at Unofficial Okemo, and he has the day off. So, you're stuck with Abby's dust-on-crust weather reporting today. It looks like we've been good for Santa so far this year, because another storm is approaching tomorrow into Thursday. Our friend, The West River Weather Guy, has the deets on the upcoming storm. You should probably listen to him, instead of me, but we should expect 3-6"! ❄️


"Groomed like a poodle" - Mark L. (chairlift buddy)
"Powdered like a doughnut" - Abby

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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