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34. Thursday, January 26th

Ludlow and Okemo apparently won the Price is Right because there's no other explanation for receiving three snowstorms in one week. Yesterday afternoon, the start of yet another Blizzard® 🍦 began around 2 p.m. with fast-falling flakes. We quickly gained about 4" in the valley and 6" of snow on the mountain before things turned a bit squirrelly. This brings us to this morning... keep reading to hear about the *interesting* conditions today.

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report

The boys were back on the horse at the 6 a.m. rodeo today. 🐎 Noah, Danny, and Connor began the day with a slight disappointment in the conditions. While they were expecting 6" of soft powder, they were instead greeted with compacted and glazed-over terrain. All of the light fluff we received yesterday has been condensed due to the sleet we received overnight. Don't expect a powder day today, because you'll be let down. However, you'll find that the trails have been groomed, leaving a soft and carvable snow surface and that beautiful Okemo corduroy. The boys skied down Sapphire to Arrow and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the buttery cord. 🧈 The conditions are far from bad, they're actually super fun and you'll enjoy yourself out there. We expect the snow to continue to soften throughout the day.

We can report that the bubble chairs on the Sunburst Six and Evergreen Express were off the line and parked in the garage for safekeeping. They do this in order to help the Mountain Ops team deal with icing issues that would have occurred if they had left them hanging out to dry (well, ice in this case). This could have an impact on the opening of these two lifts this morning, as well as the breeze that is expected to turn into higher gusts.


Pro Tip: Keep an eye on the Okemo Conditions Twitter for lift and trail updates.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 105/122

🚡 Lift Count: 12

❄️ Snowfall: 6" (but read above for the real deal)

🔫 Snowmaking: Nada

Snow Storm Outlook:

There is yet a FOURTH snowstorm on the horizon this week. Sunday should bring more snow, but this is Abby talking today, and we all know she's not the weather guru here. Stay tuned for Noah's input on the upcoming storm total in tomorrow's report.


"The storm had a bad ending, but it's still soft and the trails are wide for cruising." - Danny

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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