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35. Friday, January 27th

Today's conditions reminded me of my 2nd-grade multiplication relay race: hard and fast. Not only that, but the actual amount of skiers and riders on the slopes multiplied from yesterday. I guess everyone got the memo that Okemo was hit with three snowstorms and ideal snowmaking temperatures this week, and the fact that there's more snow headed our way for Sunday. Abby and Danny hit the slopes with their visitor, Cady, and enjoyed the blue skies, groomed terrain, and stunning views today! Keep reading about today's adventure...

Unofficial Okemo Snow Report
Abby and Cady just casually modeling on the Summit Lodge deck.

It's Friday y'all and it was a great day to get your weekend started early with blue skies, beautiful cloud formations, perfect corduroy, and warm sunshine. That makes today sound like a jackpot, and while it truly was a great ski day, there were some downfalls that we won't sugarcoat.

We started the day at Jackson Gore (as we normally do, because the parking is superior) and were one of the first in line waiting for first chair to load. Our guest, Cady, took us on some beginner and intermediate terrain that we normally wouldn't ride. It was a treat to really soak in the views, go a little bit slower, and enjoy being present in the moment. A few favorites today include: Tuckered Out (check out our new reel), Sunset Strip (the views!), Morning Star (candy mailbox!), and Jack-a-Lope to Southern Crossing.

The snow surface today began with that famous Okemo corduroy and didn't soften up all that much throughout the day. The high-traffic and steeper areas, like the face on Sidewinder and the Coleman Brook trail, had large areas of ice and the snow got skied off. The snow was getting pushed into crusty moguls and we saw some death cookies towards the end of the day. 🍪

Overall, we had a super fun and relaxing ski day! We tried to avoid some of the longer lines at the bubble lifts and found some trails off the beaten path, which left us with smiles on our faces. There are so much more terrain options to explore with over 90% of the mountain open. We expect to see the last few trails open up after the snowstorm and continuous snowmaking. Thank you, Okemo grooming & snowmaking teams! 🧹


Pro Tip: The Sugar House has hand and toe warmers. Don't ask me how I know that. 😜


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 111/122

🚡 Lift Count: 13

❄️ Snowfall: 25" in 7 days!

🔫 Snowmaking: Nada

Snow Storm Outlook:

There is yet a FOURTH snowstorm on the horizon this week. Sunday should bring more snow, but this is Abby talking today, and we all know she's not the weather guru here. Stay tuned for Noah's input on the upcoming storm total in tomorrow's report.


"You can ski with a big group of people at Okemo and still have fun despite the difference in ski abilities. There's something for everyone here." - David P.

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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