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36. Saturday, December 30th, 2023

Good morning Unofficial-ians (we need a better name for our followers...) Anyway, WE GOT SOME SNOW. ❄️ It's honestly nothing to write home about (as we proceed to write home about it) but it was super rewarding to finally see snow falling. Noah and the uphill squad were up for an early morning hike to check out the snow conditions. Let's hear about it! ⬇️

We have ANOTHER NEW PATRON today! 🍾 Thank you to Chris and Laura Gagne for joining our World Cup Tier! You guys rock.

Two days in a row and I was feeling it! Hannah and I met at the parking lot a little after 5:30 a.m. and made our way up to the base where Felix was meeting us. We had some spitting snow to start our hike and it wasn’t long before Mike met up with us at the Sugarhouse, tight pants and all! 👖 Felix and Mike were leading the charge as I was lagging this morning. Jen, Felix’s wife, was giving him a hard time about his workout yesterday so I thought I would give him an ego boost by letting him take the lead. 💪

Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 50/122

🚡 Lift Count: 17/20

⛷️ Today's Ski: Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited

🎿 Today's Boot: Nordica Unlimited LT 103 DYN

🧤 Today's Gear: Helly Hansen

As we gained elevation the precipitation became all snow and it was actually accumulating. ❤️ I’m not sure you could call it an inch but there was definitely natural snow under our feet. The summit saw a modest breeze with active snowfall. It was really exciting for it to actually feel like winter for a change!


Pro Tip: Après for the Holidays at Jackson Gore with live music today!


After a quick pit stop, we were on our way back down. Mike and I dropping a knee on our tele skis and Hannah and Felix trying to look as cool as us. The snow was soft, as expected but nothing to complain about. The active snow meant visibility was a little tough but we enjoyed ourselves skiing in the only powder we have seen in way too long.

As we got closer to the base the snow turned into some wintery mix and back to rain at the base, we have been skiing in the rain all week so I am sure you are used to that by now. The snowmaking team will be ready to jump into action as soon as we get temps cold enough to start making snow. 🔫 We heard water moving through the pipes this morning, so that means they are ready to get things moving at a moment’s notice.

The forecast looks promising to ring in the new year with some snow, man-made snow, but hey it’s better than rain. Have fun out there today and be sure to keep an eye out for those thin spots! ✌️


"Don’t rip those pants!” - Felix, as Mike skied off to his condo


Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,

Abby + Noah







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