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38. Tuesday, January 31st

Happy birthday to the best-looking 67-year-old I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Though your hair is white, your rolls are plenty, and you have more metal in you than meets the eye, you’ve managed to contain your youthfulness. Your wintery wisdom and countless stories keep everyone coming back for more. You welcome everyone into your home with open arms and a cup of hot cocoa, no matter their background. So to that, I raise my glass and send a big happy birthday cheers to you, Okemo Mountain! 🎉

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
First tracks in 3" of powder on Timberline

Before we get into today's snow report, here's a little history lesson about our favorite resort. On this exact day in 1956, Okemo Mountain made history by opening its trails to the public for the first time thanks to an 11” snowstorm. While the resort was prepared to open in December, they were delayed due to insignificant snowfall and no snowmaking capabilities at that time. The resort opened with three trails: Mountain Road, Tomahawk, and Squaw (now known as Easy Rider). Serviced by the longest Pomalift in the country, Okemo saw 1,000 guests that opening weekend and the love for the resort and skiing in Southern Vermont began to grow.

To celebrate, Abby, Noah, Danny, and Jessie hit the slopes for the 9 a.m. rat race to get first chair. Apparently, Mother Nature also knew it was Okemo's birthday and gifted the mountain 3" last night! We were giddy like a child at their birthday party and (metaphorically) ripped open the wrapping paper on Timberline with first tracks through whipped frosting powder. The groomed terrain had a lovely sprinkle of powdered sugar on top and striped corduroy underneath. The conditions were such a treat today and the sun poking out was the cherry on top. We blew out the candles on Tuckered Out for our last run of the day and skied faster than you could say "make a wish!" while cutting and slicing around those curves.


Pro Tip: Don't count your chickens before they hatch because you never know when you'll wake up to a surprise mini powder day. 🎁🐣


While we only skied for two hours, we managed to ride Vortex, Quantum Leap, Turkey Shoot, Sunset Strip, Sidewinder, Limelight, Tuckered Out, Timberline, World Cup, and Mueller's Run (aka Defiance). It pays dividends to ski midweek, y'all. No lift lines and everyone is in a good mood because they are clearly skipping out on work and their responsibilities. We even found a secret trail today that we truly never knew existed!!! Stay tuned on our Instagram at @unofficialokemo to find it for yourselves!

Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 111/122

🚡 Lift Count: 12

🔫 Snowmaking: Dreamweaver (last night) & The Zone (today)

Cold temps will be covering the state this week and into the weekend. You won't find me (Abby) out on the mountain in anything below 0 degrees... so I'll have to make Noah get out there instead. You'll want to prepare but "buttoning" down the hatches, your flannels, and your dog's winter coat before the weekend returns. 🥶


"Okemo Ski area was a dream yesterday. Today it is a reality. Tomorrow it will be a strong part of this section's recreation economy." - The Springfield Reporter (2/01/1956)

🍻 Huge shoutout to our friends at Mount Holly Beer Co. for dropping off some of their popular beers at our HQ. It's really heartwarming when our local businesses support us (and give us treats). Thank you, MHB! #supportvermontbreweries 🍻

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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