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40. Friday, January 5th

Hi, it's Abby! Is it just me or is the Friday after the holiday break is better than any gift Santa could bring. 🎁 After a week of playing severe catch-up in our adult jobs 🤢 and getting back to those people you said you'd "touch base with after the holidays", I'm sure lots of you are just as excited as I am to hit the slopes this weekend. I started my weekend a bit early because I have friends and family in town! People love to visit me here in Ludlow because 1. I live in a pretty sweet place, 2. My dog Maple is very cute, and 3. I'm kind of a big deal around here. 😉

Join me on my ski day as I'm joined by 14 of some of my favorite people in the world (hi Parisi and Fyffe families) and hear how I managed to keep these hooligans all together as we made our way around the mountain. ⬇️


WE HAVE TWO NEW PATRONS! Thank you to Ken Hirdt and Dave. Your support helps us keep our reports free to our amazing community. Cheers to you! 🍻

It’s a chilly day! I’ve got my heated socks up to level 3 and my sister stole my hand warmers. 🥶 The Sunburst Six line has been the busiest I’ve seen it midweek all winter because of the sweet heated seats and bubble covers. Evergreen Express is a great second option for those who want the bubble without the line, but snowmaking is still taking place on Timberline, which makes a ride up basically a glazed donut machine. 


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 53/122

🚡 Lift Count: 12/20⛷️ Today's Ski: Nordica Santa Ana

🎿 Today's Boot: Nordica Dobermann 5

🧤 Today's Gear: Helly Hansen Powderqueen Set + Heated Socks!!!


I’m enjoying the slopes with my sister Avery, who also helps run our social media accounts (for free lol), along with 13 of my other family members and friends. It’s our annual ski trip and I love when they decide to do Okemo…it’s an easy trip for me. 🚗 I’m their chosen tour guide for obvious reasons, but hopefully, they tip me with Loft food afterwards. 🤑 It was honestly too cold to get lots of content today, sorry guys.


The coverage is better than it’s been but it’s still thin in areas. However, there are plenty of pockets of pushed-around sugar snow for good carving. My tip is to take the trail less traveled, which is a bit hard to find with limited trials open. But, runs like The Plunge and Sachem which are usually not great, are actually hidden gems because of less traffic. Overall, the terrain has been very consistent so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I‘ll go with Sachem because it was the least icy and a fan favorite with my group! 🏆 Upper Chief just opened, but I recommend waiting a few days for the snow to set more - it was quite icy.


Pro Tip: Use Turkey Shoot to bypass the icy headwall on Countdown.


Bull Run toward the base has guns on and it looks like Kettlebrook does too. I’m sad to report that I don’t see snowmaking on Solitude for the homeowners out there. Hoping Sunday's storm can get y’all access. 🔫


In the afternoon, my squad of 14 stopped at the base lodge for lunch. While they enjoyed their bagged lunches made by the moms of the crew, I decided to see my dear friend Conor (aka Pacho) at The Bull. You guessed it, I ordered fried pickles and he even delivered them to me. 🥒 I told you, I’m kind of a big deal. The Vermonter Turkey Club was an 11/10 according to Avery, she recommends it!


We ended the day with several afternoon laps and the trails were showing signs of ice and they were pretty skied off. We hit Sachem two more times because it was the safest bet. Countdown's headwall was sketchy, to be honest. That being said, thank you to the snowmakers who are quite literally the only reason we are skiing. 😁


The upcoming snow storm on Sunday is looking promising! ❄️ Subscribe and stay tuned to the West River Weather Guy for his Friday update for the weekend forecast. Pray for snow, please! Wear your pajamas inside out, put a spoon in the freezer, and put ice cubes in the toilet on Saturday night. What other snow prayer traditions do you have? 🙏


"The windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror for a reason." - Trevor


Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,

Abby + Noah







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