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43. Sunday, February 5th

Ah, Sunday. A day for rest, reading books by the fire, blissful skiing, and totally not frantically attempting to thaw your frozen pipes in the middle of the night. Last night's fiasco has interrupted our regularly scheduled programming and Noah will not be getting out on the mountain this morning. Instead, we're taking our very scientific intel and serving up a report we didn't plan for. We thought we were out of the woods as the artic air started to move out and the temperature finally started to rise again, but you should never turn your back on Vermont winters. If you do, you might find yourself replacing pipes in a frozen basement on a Saturday night.

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
An epic fail indeed.

We hope your day is starting off a bit more smooth than ours, and maybe you're even skiing already. Let's talk about the conditions and what to expect for your Sunday ski day. We are in for a treat because temperatures are skyrocketing today! We are starting off the day in the single digits but by this afternoon, we expect the temps to climb into the low 30s across the mountain. The snow will start the day crisp and fast, just like yesterday. As it warms up we expect it to soften up just a little and we think today's conditions to be in tip-top shape.

Tonight is the Full Moon Snowshoe Hike! Our friend, colleague, and part-time snow reporter, Joe Karl, will be your tour guide tonight. If there is anyone that you would go hiking in the woods with late at night, it's Joe. You can trust this man with your life. He's the mountain man of Ludlow and will keep you very occupied with tidbits of nature knowledge, Okemo stories, and probably a little bit of real estate quips. Meet Joe at the Jackson Gore Ice House at 6 p.m. and bring your set of snowshoes (no rentals). This two-hour-long event is the perfect family-friendly activity or great for a couple's night out. If you're going by yourself, you're bound to meet some friends!


Pro Tip: Don't be like Noah and get your hands on some electric heat tape, wrap your exposed pipes, and sleep soundly on sub-zero nights.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 119

🚡 Lift Count: 19

🔫 Snowmaking Last Night: 💤

🌡️ Low 30s!


"Once you invest in a good pair of snowshoes, they last forever, and then you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Plus, it is great for all levels and abilities. It's always fun to go out with folks that have never snowshoed before." - Joe Karl. 🥾

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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