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44. Monday, February 6th

Can you believe that the temperature has increased by 55 degrees since Saturday? The vibe today was like skiing on a tropical island, only we traded in palm trees for pine, daiquiris for hot cocoa, and Speedos for snow pants. While the sunshine was not on our side today like it would be on our metaphorical island, everyone's spirits were still high, likely because you didn't need a dozen layers to brave the cold. Mild temperatures in the 30s, hard-packed and carvable snow, and terrain options galore made for a great day to skip the office and hit the beach. Now onto Abby's Monday Mornin' Snow Report™️. 🏝️

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Our subscribers, Ed & Heather, stopping to take a pic with a ~celebrity~

As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to start your week than by getting in a few runs before noon. My husband, Danny, and I started our day at Jackson Gore and were greeted by the permanent sunrise skyline once we got to the summit. You probably didn't notice it if you're in the valley, but once you got to the top you could see where the cloud coverage broke and the sunny skyline in the distance was popping out to create a pinkish-red band. Check out our Instagram at @unofficialokemo to see this phenomenon in action.

We cruised down Sunset Strip and crossed over Malfunction Junction™️ to make our way to Solitude. Do you have a dedicated first run? We typically start at Jackson Gore and then take Sidewinder to the Solitude Express Quad. That first run was phenomenal. The snow is grippy and agrees with my freshly-tuned skis for deep carves. The recent cold snap has left the snow hard-packed and quite firm, but the lack of ice patches and death cookies is all thanks to Okemo's grooming team. We swung down Countdown to Sachem after we made the quick decision to not attempt Cat Nap with my husband being a snowboarder... if you know you know. It was the right move because I cannot tell you the last time we had Sachem to ourselves. An empty trail makes for a happy wife as the saying goes.

The trail pick of the day was the upper portion of Timberline to Cutter's Folly. An underrated and overlooked side-cut trail, Cutter's Folly is one of my all-time favorite spots on the mountain. There's something about tight cut-thru trails that carry the magic of skiing for me. Some honorable mentions go to: Jolly Green Giant, Sweet Solitude, Lower Limelight, and Quantum Leap.

My day was truly made when a couple climbed into line with us and they realized they had spotted a celebrity (their words, not mine 😉). We got to meet two of our subscribers, Ed and Heather, who actually happen to be our neighbors... well by Vermont standards that is (we're about one mile apart). It's really fulfilling to meet our fans who find value and joy in our snow reports because, after all, we wouldn't be anything without you.


Pro Tip: Tired of leaning your skis on your car while you attempt to open your trunk? Our friends at @rigstrips have a solution for that! Check out how we use their SnoStrip on our Instagram at @unofficialokemo. 🎿


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 119

🚡 Lift Count: 13

🔫 Snowmaking Last Night: 💤

🌡️ Mid 30s & Mostly Cloudy

Overall, today was a treat and was well-deserved after that very rude arctic air. I want to thank my co-founder, Noah, for idiotically braving the weather this weekend to capture content to produce these reports. But to be honest with you, he actually thoroughly enjoyed himself, despite the frozen eyelashes and the wind tunnel through his fly. Simply put, skiing is about the adventure and that's what keeps us coming back for more. Thanks for joining us.


"I love your reports... they make you feel all the feelings!" - John Boehrer, Okemo Ski Instructor

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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