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46. Thursday, February 9th

Good morning Unofficial Okemo fam! It's Abby here with your Thursday snow report. Today is a very special day because the mischievous god Loki is celebrating his 41st birthday. Happy birthday to you, Tom Hiddleston (and our uphill pal, Mike Murray) 🥰 A fun fact about me is that I'm a Marvel enthusiast (though you may say "nerd") so in the wise words of Loki, go forth and find your glorious purpose, which is likely down in the snow report below... Back to you, Noah!

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
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The morning light filled the sky with a beautiful soft pink hue, creating the most stunning backdrop for the mountain. Hannah, Riley, Joe, and I started our hike with a pale blue sky, an almost full moon, and the sun rising over the mountains. It was a beautiful morning. We witnessed an inversion today, meaning it was warmer on the summit than at the base. With temperatures this warm, you don’t need many layers on the uphill. We met some familiar faces along the way including Mike Murray, who was celebrating his 40th birthday today! By the time we reached the summit we had some cloudy skies rolling in due to today’s weather (read more below). The snow was still crisp and the corduroy had set up perfectly from last night’s grooming. The snow will warm up as the temperatures rise today, giving us some mashed potatoes, perfect bump skiing snow!

Our trusted weatherman, The West River Weather Guy, has an up-to-date report on the wintery mix system headed our way this afternoon. Across the spine of the Green Mountains, we will see snow at first which will then turn into a mix at higher elevations. In the valley, it's likely we see some rain this evening. However, we will only get .3" to .5" of precipitation, so nothing detrimental to the mountain. We won't see any significant snowfall either, probably just a glaze, if anything.


Pro Tip: Take the trail less traveled and make a build-your-own adventure. Here's an idea: Upper Timberline to Cutter's Folly to Lower Sapphire to Lower Mountain Road to Switchback to Village Run to Daybreak and down to the Morning Start Triple. How's that for creativity?


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Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 118

🚡 Lift Count: 11

🔫 Snowmaking Last Night: 💤

🌡️ Mid to Upper 30s + Light Snow @ 2 p.m. + Mix @ 6 p.m.


"This corduroy is crazy!" - Joe Karl

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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