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49. Tuesday, January 16th

Today was an absolute treat. 🍭 Hello skiers and riders, this is Abby with your snowy Tuesday report. Okemo is socked into a lovely snowstorm right now and it should continue throughout most of the day. We’ve gotten likely 2-3” on the mountain and the conditions are easily 10/10. I highly recommend getting some afternoon runs in if you can. Come out and get the goods or read my report instead! ⬇️

Abby and Rainie from Nordica!

My husband Danny and I had our weekly marriage meeting out on the slopes, where we talk about goals, finances, vacation plans, and mostly about how dope it is to live 5 minutes from the mountain. #blessed 🙏

Our warm-up run down Coleman Brook to Mountain Road and Lower Arrow was perfectly groomed with a nice layer of snow on top. Timberline to Cutter’s Folly easily takes home the best trail of the day. 🥇 Fresh tracks, untouched pow topping, and great speed. Broken Arrow is getting some nice snowmaking leftovers as it blows into the woods, and with today's snow, those woods might be a nice hit tomorrow. 🏂


Turkey Shoot was pretty skied off, but Defiance aka Mueller’s Run was gorgeous. Lots of snow, great coverage, and lots of speed. Lower Chief was also smooth and great from some sweeping turns. Willie’s Way, a new trail to add to my count this year, was a little thin in spots but was decently covered in some freshies.


Our last run down Upper Tomahawk was surprisingly fantastic. It was marked as not groomed but it actually was?! and it was glorious. Fast, carvable, and corduroy. We closed out the day on Heaven’s Gate to Screamin’ Demon and to my surprise, they were the worst runs of the day, although that is an overstatement. They had more cookies than other trails, so I was skiing with some reservations.


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 108/122

🚡 Lift Count: 20/20

⛷️Today's Ski: Nordica Santa Ana

🎿 Today's Boot: Nordica Dobermann 5

🧤 Today's Gear: Helly Hansen Powderqueen Set


I have yet to make it over to SouthFace, mostly because I can’t be bothered with Cat Nap, but I promise to get there someday soon to report on it. 🐱


Today was totally sweet and it’s only going to keep getting better. Tomorrow should be particularly awesome with this fresh snow and tons of snowmaking happening around the mountain. Expect groomed conditions with some extra pow on top. ❄️


Pro Tip: Did you buy new skis? Immediately get a tune. Factory tunes are not ideal.


Now, let’s talk about snowmaking! 🔫 Snowmaking on Sidewinder has officially wrapped and they now have the cats pushing out the whales to get that trail ready to ski in the next day or so. 🎉 This is huge news for Solitude owners and guests!


We couldn’t see if there was snowmaking happening on Upper Moonshadow, but we did hear guns in that direction. It looked like snowmaking had happened on Lower Moonshadow at some point too. It looked like Promenade might have had guns on it too, but not certain. 👀


The Zone, Nor’Easter, and Open Slope also had ongoing snowmaking today. This is a great sign for a possible halfpipe build soon at The Zone and a nice touch-up for the OMS Racers on Nor’Easter. Love to see it! 🙌


"Aw man, I wore my skis on the wrong feet." - Abby 😏

"Wow, I'm surprised your bindings even work..." - Danny the snowboarder 🤣


To close out my ski day, I dropped off my Nordica Santa Anas at The Boot Pro for a much-needed tune. As I pulled up, the Nordica Van was there! Great timing. Shoutout to Rainie from Nordica, a woman in the ski industry and a local to Cavendish who is absolutely crushing it. 👑 (see photo of the day above) And her fiance Drew, who went to the Waterville Ski Academy, where I grew up. Small world. 🌎


My skis still had the factory tune on it, which the pros were teasing me about. More content is coming soon about tuning and specifically when you should bring your skis in, how to know your skis are cooked, and what a professional tune really means for your skiing. Thanks to The Boot Pro for servicing our skis!

Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,








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