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52. Thursday, February 16th

This "Spring of Deception" is hanging around for a bit longer than we'd like. It's sort of like when that one uncle visits during the holidays and overstays his welcome, but you're sort of ok with it because he lets you break the rules and stay up past midnight. Can't relate? That's fair... in other words, we absolutely love the warm weather, blazing sunshine, and the mashed cauliflower snow conditions, but we know that if it stays like this for too long, we'll be looking at a short season. In the spirit of living in the moment, we'll enjoy the spring-like weather while we have it, but can't wait for temps to drop again and for snow to make it's comeback. Stick around for Abby's Thursday snow report and an update on what tomorrow's rain storm means for Okemo.

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Views from the Quantum Six Chairlift at Jackson Gore

Making my way out onto the mountain this morning was a game-time decision after I saw the bluebird skies and the glittering mountain through my front window. I'm so happy I decided to make the 4-minute trek to Jackson Gore to get front-row parking, first chair, and first tracks on Quantum Leap (can you say "spoiled"). The terrain was freshly groomed and calling for some deep carving turns. I was surprised to hit some hard snow in the shaded areas of Vortex on my first run, though I'm sure by noon everything will be as soft as vegan butter (which is actually surprisingly soft, honestly). As long as you stuck to the snow that was getting hit by the sun, you were cruising on a smoothed-out runway.

With only an hour to spare before I had to get back to work, I managed to also hit Sidewinder, Sunset Strip, Sweet Solitude, Coleman Brook, Moonshadow, and Southern Crossing. Today's trail pick of the day is easily Sidewinder! It's so good, I skied it twice, which is a rarity for me to double-dip. I went up the lift with folks who had just come over from SouthFace, which they said was extremely soft already and the trails were basking in the sunlight. Expect snow conditions to continue to soften throughout the day and I'm sure some bumps will start to form, too.


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Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 111

🚡 Lift Count: 11

🔫 Snowmaking: We Miss You!

🌡️ Mid- to Upper-40s & Mostly Cloudy

If you've been missing out on bluebird days, you've got to get to the mountain early. We've had lots of beautiful mornings recently with clear skies before the clouds roll in for the day.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: rain is headed our way. It's no surprise that this warm stretch is coming to an end with a bit of wet weather. Starting around 4 a.m. tonight, rain clouds will settle into the valley and stay there until Friday evening. Some weather reports are showing periods of snow, sleet, and freezing rain on Friday afternoon, but it seems like it might be too warm for that. We will keep you updated on our Instagram story and there will be an afternoon update tomorrow on the rain storm and what to expect for the weekend.

Despite unfavorable weather, there's not too much to worry about. Okemo's snowmaking team set us up for success with a trustworthy base that will hold up against a little bit of rain. We don't expect many trails to close because of this upcoming weather, but the first ones to go would be the glades trails as they don't make snow on them. Don't be worried though, the snowmaking team is waiting patiently to get the guns going again, and it looks like we have favorable temps on Saturday to open the system back up.


"I love your reports!" - Alex Deluca 🥰

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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