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53. Friday, February 17th

Good morning UO fam, it's Abby here with your morning report. I took one step outside to let my dog out this morning and now I'm wetter than a fish in a wet t-shirt competition. As I began to write today's report, the rain clouds let down a wall of rain and a crack of thunder and lightning filled the sky. ⛈️ We got a lot of backlash after yesterday's snow report about our honesty, so I'm giving it to you clearly and directly today so that there's no confusion: it's down-pouring now, it's going to rain throughout the day, and we are likely going to lose some trails due to it.

I'm not going skiing, Noah's not going skiing, and I don't think any of our local friends dare to get soaked to the core either. If you're brave enough to enter the outdoors today, you'll probably find wet, soft spring-like conditions with areas of brown spots and probably some thin areas, bumps, and uneven surfaces. 💦 All that being said, I can't reiterate this enough that skiing is what you make of it. I'm choosing not to ski today because I don't like having wet hair, but I know that if I got out there, I'd decide to have fun with it and not sulk in it. Boom. Honesty at its finest. Let's get into today's report where we cover a bunch of fun stuff:

  1. How Okemo combats crappy weather ☔️

  2. Q&A section about your burning questions 🥵

  3. Okemo's President's week events 🎪

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Thanks to Okemo groomer Jeremy McCarthy for this morning's gloomy photo

To be honest with you, this weather is normal and the mountain handles situations like this every single year in some capacity. It always seems to rain on some big holiday, like the start of President's week. Rain, icing, extreme cold, whatever it is, they've seen it and they are able to come back from it every time.

The main trails they make snow on early in the year are going to be fine. Last week you may have noticed that they were making snow on trails like Sapphire and Arrow that already have lots of snow, but they also have heavy traffic so they build up on those whenever they can. The team wants to make sure they can withstand any weather and push the season as late as they can. Snowmaking isn't for January and February skiing, it's for skiing in March and April and for days like today.

If we lose any trails, it will likely be the glades or trails that don't have snowmaking on them. Ski patrol will be out making sure everything is safe to ride and any bare spots will be clearly marked post-storm. The groomers will get out there and clean up what they can.


We get lots of questions about Unofficial Okemo and your curiosity has brought us to create this Q&A section to hopefully make some sense out of this venture.

1. Who runs UO and why? What's the point? 🧐

Unofficial Okemo is owned and operated by Abby + Noah. Learn more about their story here. Briefly, we are past Okemo employees who used to do the snow reporting and realized there was an opportunity to fill the gap of information. We used to have to follow the rules, but now we call it how we see it. This is simply a hobby for us and we thoroughly enjoy doing it. We ski anyway, so why not do something for the greater good and offer a free snow report while we are at it.

2. Does Okemo pay you or support you? 💰

Nope. You'd think they would at least pay us in free waffle cabin cards! But no, we do not get paid by Okemo (we don't pay ourselves at all right now, actually), and the most support we get is a share on their Instagram story and the daily trail report.

3. Why do you need sponsors? 💸

Turns out, it costs a lot to send out almost 600 emails every day. Our sponsors help us pay for our operating costs like our website service, email subscriptions, stickers, and we hope to pay ourselves for our time at some point. We love our sponsors, but they do not dictate or snow reports have a say in what we say. In fact, they like our honesty!

4. Is Unofficial Okemo a business? Nonprofit? Hobby? 📈

Officially, we are Unofficial Okemo LLC. Abby + Noah are the co-owners and hope to grow the business by offering UO merch and perhaps a paid premium subscription down the line.

5. Isn't it a lot of work and time? ⏳

LOL. Yeah, it is. Abby is a graphic designer, so she uses her time spent at UO as a creative output. Noah is an Okemo kid at heart and finds joy in sharing his love for the mountain with others while offering his guests at Open Door Vacation Rentals with an honest snow report. We see it like this: if we didn't do this, we'd probably be sitting on the couch, at the bar, or in bed. Running UO is clearly the better option.

Have more questions? Send us a message at @unofficialokemo or and we'll be sure to answer them publicly.


Pro Tip: Don't leave your skis on your Thule rack while it's raining because they are more likely to rust! 🚨


President's week unofficially starts today, which means Okemo is stepping up its game and offering some unique events this week!

  1. Tube to the Tunes: 2/17 @ 3:30 p.m. - Tubing at JG with DJ, lights, and fire pits 🏄‍♀️

  2. Après Afternoons: 2/18 & 2/25 @ 2 p.m. - Party at the JG Courtyard with live music 🍻

  3. Torchlight Parade: 2/19@ 5 p.m. - Glowing torch parade of skiers & patio party 🔦

  4. VT Family Adventure Run: 2/25 @ 12 p.m. - Obstacle ski course at Hot Dog Hill 🌭

Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 101

🚡 Lift Count: 12

🔫 Snowmaking: Come Back!

🌡️ 40s-50s & Rain

For the most up-to-date information on Okemo's trails, lifts, and weather, follow along on the Okemo Conditions Twitter. They know better than we do.


"Wouldn't it be cool if this rain was actually snow?" - Noah ☔️

We are stoked to announce our new Member for Life Club. 👑 Are you an individual who wants to support Unofficial Okemo and help keep the snow reports rolling? Join our Member for Life Club by donating a one-time flat fee of $250. In return, we will send you an exclusive Member for Life Club pin and a shout-out on our Support Us Page. If you're interested in joining the club, email our team at today! 🏆

Do you want to join our team of snow reporters? Fill out our contact form here.

For more information on today's conditions update, please visit

Think snow,

Abby + Noah

⬇️ Please support our sponsors who help make this snow report possible! ⬇️

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