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54. Saturday, February 18th

Vacation week and weekend vibes, commence! 🎉 Hey skiers and riders, it's Abby here writing to you on this brisk morning in Ludlow. There is such a stark difference between today's morning weather and the past few days. For one, I can't sit outside in my beach chair and sunbathe in the tropical air, as I did on Thursday because it's a bit too chilly for that now. 🏖️ It's also great to see winter return with temperatures you would expect in the mid of winter. Great news, the snowmaking team made its come back last night and it looks like they are here to stay with the current temperature outlook. Today's snow conditions update is brought to you by Noah's short legs hiking up the mountain and fueled by his leftover Loft food. Keep reading for the goods:

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Watching the cats push out the snowmaking on Lower Arrow this morning

Let's talk about yesterday, first. Conditions changed fast and if you were in town you would have noticed a drastic change in temperatures as the wind picked up and the rain became snow for a short period. It didn’t take long for temperatures to drop into prime snowmaking weather, too. I happened to be in the base area yesterday afternoon when the guns started up and they had all hands on deck making sure they capitalized on the temps. By the time I got to the mountain this morning at 5:30 a.m., they were in the process of wrapping things up for today's opening.

It is hard to comprehend how much water they pushed through the system last night because they made a ton of snow. This was a big push for the mountain ops team, delivering big in the areas that needed it most. I always enjoy seeing all the action, it brings me back to the days when I was dressed in all black, making dreams come true as a snowmaker. Shortly after I passed the last snowmaker on my hike this morning, I came upon the groomers pushing out all the snow that was made on Lower Arrow. It is rare to see this kind of action this late in the year, as you typically see giant snowmaking piles (whales) in the early season as they work on establishing a base. It's clear they were focused on providing plenty of snow for the holiday week.

They didn’t make any snow on the upper mountain and I found myself in some solitude as I made my way into the clouds. The summit was socked in with clouds and it was pretty breezy... the weather that's expected this time of year. They had both bubbles spinning while I took my skins off and put on some more layers. I wasn’t expecting much for views as I made my way down crisp corduroy but once I crossed Route 103 the sun was blazing. The lower part of the mountain was gorgeous, with bright blue skies and soft corduroy as the groomers pushed out last night’s snowmaking.

Conditions will be a little bit of a mixed bag. With temperatures in the 20s on the summit the snow will be firm, especially after yesterday's rain, expect trails to get skied off quickly. The base area will be a bit warmer, in the low 30s which may allow the snow to soften a bit. Anywhere they made snow will be much softer. Ideally, they like to let this type of snowmaking set for a day or two, allowing excess moisture to drain. No matter what, it's going to be busy out there so trails will get skied off. We suggest getting out there early and exploring some lesser-traveled trails.


Pro Tip: Get to Après Afternoons at the Jackson Gore Courtyard early (around 2 p.m.) to hold down a table for your family and friends. Plus, get in line for a waffle as soon as you can!


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 91

🚡 Lift Count: 19

🔫 Snowmaking Last Night: Chute, Lower Chief, Lower World Cup, Lower Arrow, Lower Mountain Road & Base Area

🌡️ Starting the day in the mid-teens with sun turning to partly cloudy skies in the 30s by the afternoon. It's a great day for some après!

Like we predicted, we lost some trails due to the rain and warm weather, totaling 20 trails since Thursday. If we get a good snow storm, these trails could open up for us again. Here's a quick list of the trails we mourn today: Broken Arrow, Fast Lane, Searle’s Way, Side Kick, Upper Fall Line, Scooter, Whispering Pines, Upper Mt Road, Black Hole, Rolling Thunder, Supernova, The Shadows, Side Out, Tree Dancer, Promenade, Double Diamond, Forest Bump, Loose Spruce, Upper Wild Thing, and Off the Rim. 💀


"Based on the skiing this morning, you couldn't tell we got rain yesterday." - Noah

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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