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58. Friday, February 24th

TGIF: Thank God It's Frosty! ☃️ Happy Friday Unofficial Okemo fam and cheers to the snowstorm not ending in a warm-weather soak-down. After the ski day, temperatures were hovering in the 20s and we experienced a bit of sleet, but nothing that should affect your ski day. It got chilly overnight, so the snowmaking team turned on a few guns and it looks like the cold temps caused the sleet to turn to flurries at the summit, totaling 1"! 🧊 I overheard someone doggin' on our East Coast snow and saying it's "dust on crust" but they clearly didn't get the memo that it's called the Ice Coast. But in all seriousness, this 7" snowstorm has really helped bring back the spirit of winter and we've already been ripping it this morning!

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Noah & George hiking underneath the Evergreen Express Quad

Good morning folks, it’s Noah with your morning report. I met up with Hannah and George bright and early to see how the mountain faired after some lingering snow flurries and freezing rain last night. The mountain picked up another inch of snow, with very limited icing as far as we could tell. We got to see the Zaugg in action this morning which is the special grooming implement they use to carve the halfpipe, giving it a fresh cut for today's senders. 🤙 It felt very raw out there, though, it was pretty breezy up top with snow flurries in our faces as we reached the summit. As the morning sun rose, we didn’t get any blue sky at the top, just a steadily brightening overcast sky. We stripped our skins, added a couple of layers, and got ready for the descent. The snow was soft, like natural snow soft, not the manmade soft we saw last weekend. It really does make a big difference. The corduroy was brilliant, as always. There was a thin layer of fresh snow covering last night’s grooming which was a treat.


Pro Tip: The Boot Pro is currently running a Warm Gear Sale! Temps are dropping tomorrow, so go grab a cozy puffy jacket from the shop today. ❤️‍🔥


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 102/126

🚡 Lift Count: 18/20

🔫 Snowmaking: Lower Arrow & Base Area

❄️ Snowstorm: 7" Total

Are you skiing tomorrow? We are, but we are making sure to bundle up first. 🧤 Temperatures are dropping tonight into the single digits and we will start the day in the negatives on Saturday. It's looking like mostly cloudy skies, so we won't have much sun on our side to keep warm. 🌥️ You'll want to take breaks when your fingers are going numb, wear those heated socks from The Boot Pro, throw on an extra layer for good measure, and stay moving. The high is 15 degrees, so you'll likely warm up throughout the day! With low temps like this, you can expect the snow to be firm and fast with that little cold squeak sound between your skis/board and the crisp corduroy.


"Do you want to go have a magical night ice skating at the Ice House?" - Abby to Noah (he turned me down) ⛸️

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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