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61. Tuesday, February 28th

Today's snowstorm and Golden Corral have one thing in common: FREE REFILLS!🥤 Well, two things if you count the waffles. Good afternoon folks, its Abby here to tell you that the slopes were boasting an all-you-can-eat buffet of snow-covered ski trails and powder stashes in the glades. 🍽️ The OG trio including myself, Noah, and Danny, crushed the slopes in true "friends on a powder day" style. The last two days have been a treat from Mother Nature and there is more snow on the way this weekend. Let's talk about today's conditions and then daydream about the iconic chocolate fountain at Golden refills, baby. 🍫

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Co-founders Abby & Noah posing in front of a trash can!

Waking up to snow falling outside my window, I made a plan to get the trio together at Jackson Gore for first chair. Lately, the first run of the day that hasn't let me down yet is White Lightning to Quantum Leap. ⚡️ Noah ditched us and cut off into Rolling Thunder, but we can confirm that both runs were out of this world. White Lightning was buoyant and perfectly groomed below the few inches of light powder. Rolling Thunder was bumped up and the perfect playground for Noah the leapfrog.

When we realized that the Solitude Express Quad had a delayed opening, we whipped through Switchback and the glades on Lower Mountain Road and then hopped on the Sunburst Six with some of our subscribers. We danced through the trees on Whistler and traversed Sweet Solitude to keep the fluffy glades skiing rolling. 🌲 Flowing into Heaven's Gate, we found some harder snow and uneven groomer marks, and then realized they were snowmaking last night, so made sense why it was the worst trail of the day. 🧐 Spirits were lifted as we cruised into Screamin' Demon on untouched powder because the Solitude Express Quad finally reopened. Exhibition to Boomerang was fast and fun and then Sidewinder to Moonshadow rounded off the morning with lots of first tracks to be enjoyed.

The trail pick of the day is a tie between White Lightning and Rolling Thunder: great pitch for a powder day and some of the less-traveled trail options. 😇 Yesterday's snowstorm combined with today's continuous snowfall made for some "yeeeeww!" moments and lots of snowy smiling faces.


Pro Tip: Hang left in the Whistler glades and ride them down to Malfunction's one of the best-kept secrets as far as tree skiing goes.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 118/126

🚡 Lift Count: 12/20

🔫 Snowmaking: Countdown, Sprint, Moment's Rest, and Heaven's Gate.

❄️ Snow: 1-3" last night and more on the way!

Maybe we didn’t wake up to the amount of snow we hoped for, but the conditions were amazing at first chair. The snow just keeps coming! We are expecting snow to continue throughout the day with predictions still calling for 4-8” once it’s all said and done. ❄️ We will continue to have snow showers throughout the week, which has the potential to add up by Friday. Tomorrow is going to be much warmer with temps in the 30s... fingers are crossed that any precipitation stays snow! We do have another storm on the horizon for Friday through Sunday morning. We have seen predictions of up to 18”, but at this point, it is just too soon to know. Keep your fingers crossed and keep doing your snow dance! 🌨️


"You know the skiing is good when even the bunny slopes are intriguing." - Abby 🐰

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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