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62. Sunday, February 4th

What a way to end a weekend! I caught a few extra zzz's this morning and didn't make it up for a sunrise hike but I bet it was one for the books. Blue skies, sunshine, and crisp winter corduroy. It doesn't get much better than this! ☀️ Although we missed the first tracks, I did catch a few early morning laps via the lift, and those extra couple of runs were a treat. ⛷️


Thank you to all of our Patrons for joining us on our wild adventure. 🙌 Huge thank you to Elizabeth Gilroy, Michele, Al Rosanes, David Peck, Sue Hunt, Christine Krumperman, Kathy, Jacqui Wimberly, George and Linda Thomson, and Karen Grosso. You keep us up and running! 🏃‍♂️

After deciding to sleep through my alarm, I was on a mission to get a few laps in before I started my day. I managed to hop on the B-Quad a little after 8, zip through the singles line on the Sunburst, and rip three runs before returning to the office a little before 9. 🙌 This might mean a later day for me but the skiing was well worth it! The snow was crisp, perfect winter snow, and the sunshine was what we always dream about. 😴


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 108/122

🚡 Lift Count: 20/20

⛷️ Today's Ski: Nordica Enforcer 104 Free

🎿 Today's Boot: Atomic Prime 120

🧤 Today's Gear: Helly Hansen


My trail of the day was Chief, and I actually skied it twice. It's steep and fast, and the snow was amazing. Today is a day when you will appreciate a sharp edge and an all-mountain carving ski (thanks, Boot Pro). 🎿 I would have taken a GS ski if I had known I would be lapping Chief. I don't ride the lifts often, and it is always great to meet some new people on the lift and share our love for skiing and, today, the sunshine. You could see for miles at the summit, and it helps you remember how cool this sport is. 🗻 After a month of overcast, the views were almost better than the skiing.


Pro Tip: Getting to the mountain a little early gives you a chance to get some extra laps in before the crowds roll in. It is amazing what you can accomplish between 8 and 9 am.


We have introduced a new $1/month tier on our Patreon! 🎉 Unofficial Okemo is tough to run between a couple of full-time business owners but wannabe ski bums. It takes a lot of time to write the reports, find time to get out on snow in between meetings and deadlines, and keep up with our socials. If every subscriber joined our now $1/month tier, we would be eternally grateful, and it would help our team keep going. Click here if you'd like to join our Patreon! You are our hero. ❤️


"Mom let me take a run by myself!" -Young ripper heading to Gordon's Garden


Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,








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