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65. Saturday, March 4th

I HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE: IT'S A POWDER DAY! 🥳 This might be the biggest snowstorm of the season...? This confirms that March is typically the snowiest month of the winter. Before you get too excited, the wind at the summit is absolutely faster than Felix nominating himself as the snow reporter today. All summit lifts are currently on wind hold, and until the wind dies down and those bubbles stop swinging, your lift access is limited (more on that down below). Now let's get to what you're all waiting for; living vicariously through Felix's morning hike and shred sesh.

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Powder day skinning for Felix & Dr. Mike!

Our snow reporter and subscriber, Felix, took the reigns today with the ultimate ski pal, Dr. Mike. They began their uphill trek in hopes to get after some deep, untouched powder turns on the way down, and boy did they! With 8" of freshies clocking in this morning, they were in for a treat. As they continued up the mountain, they found themselves sliding into the snowmobile tracks because the snow was almost too deep otherwise (wimps, or genius?) They enjoyed a quiet and peaceful trip until they crossed paths with a groomer pushing out the pow on Arrow.

When they reached the top, neither the Sunburst Six nor Evergreen Express were spinning because of the high winds. For them, it meant that their ski down was going to be untouched because it was past 8 a.m. and no one had reached the summit yet via lift. For their trip down (only because it was now during operating hours), they took Defiance (Mueller's Run) to Ledges to head back to Dr. Mike's home on the mountain. Overall, they said it was DEEP and totally awesome.


Pro Tip: Going to be a minimum 110 under foot kind of day!


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 122/122

🚡 Lift Count: 20/20 (but if only the wind hold ends!)

🔫 Snowmaking: Don't need it!

Expect the snow to be deep on ungroomed trails, and fluffy, soft snow on groomed terrain. Things will get bumped up with lots of skiers on the hill, which is inevitable with this much snow. Looks like we will be getting free refills all day today and we are nearing the 10" mark as we write this. Felix tried to capture it all through the awesomeness that is a powder day. You can see more photos and videos of his snowy morning at @unofficialokemo on Instagram.

For real-time updates on lift access, stay tuned on @OkemoConditions on Twitter. Currently, the only lifts running are: Sachem, Solitude, Morning Star, Quad A &B, Black Ridge, Coleman Brook, and Quantum Six. If you are looking for the best skiing, I'd hit Jackson Gore first and ride the Quantum Six. Remember when everyone was complaining that the new Quantum Six didn't have a bubble? Yeah? Well, I'm sure you are happy it doesn't have a bubble today with all that wind. You're welcome.

There are three events today: Après Afternoons, Rockstar & Rails Jam, and Comedy Night! Visit for all of the details.


"My morning therapy session!" - Dr. Mike

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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Daniel L
Daniel L
Mar 04, 2023

Do you expect lift delays tmr, Sunday?

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