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67. Monday, March 6th

Happy Monday fam, it's Abby with your top-secret ski intel. I typically don't like anyone's sloppy seconds, but the post-storm conditions are phenomenal. After missing out on the powder days this weekend, I was excited to get my fix in on this stunning bluebird Monday. ☀️ If leftovers are always this good, I'll take those not-so-sloppy seconds until the end of time (don't tell my husband that). Today's report is brought to you by the Unofficial Okemo leaders, Noah and myself, but our content relied on our ski buddies Danny, Alex and Shon from The Boot Pro and ski legend, Uncle Jerry. ✌️

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Celebrity snow reporter sighting!

Today was a truly perfect day. 😎 The snow was pristine, the sun was out, the sky was blue, and I got to ski with my friends and family, what else can you ask for? We started our day over at Jackson Gore, I even got there before Abby and Danny. We kicked the day off with a lap on White Lighting to get our legs moving, the groomers were insane, and the snow was soft and crisp, dryer than yesterday, which is a plus. After a warmup run, we were ready for the woods. Danny and I popped into Supernova and were not disappointed. ◆◆ The natural snow is soft, and the lines may have been packed out, but that is not a negative. Our legs were burning by the end of it. Then it was off to the main mountain, where we hit up Tomahawk, Nor’Easter, the Halfpipe, and Timberline (oh, and Cutter's Folly). As a bonus, we ran into one of our subscribers, Jimmie, and he thanked us for being his real-life super-heros (his words, not ours). Much love, Jimmie!

We all know that you can never plan to get all of your ski buddies on the same page, but today was one of those moments where the stars aligned, and we linked up with some of our favorite humans: Shon, Alex, (the owners of The Boot Pro) and Uncle Jerry. Once the whole crew was together we found our trail of the day, Everglades. 🌲 There is something special about bopping around the woods with a big group of people, we had a blast. Living in a ski town can be draining, you typically work on the weekends, traffic can get crazy, and going to Shaws can seem like a war zone. However, we get to live 5 minutes from the mountain and when Monday rolls around we get to take some time to recharge out on the hill. Today was one of those days that reminds us what a special place we get to call home. 💛


Pro Tip: When the Evergreen Express runs midweek, take advantage of that lift!


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 122/122

🚡 Lift Count: 12/20

❄️ Snow Storm: 14" Total!


"I'm 74 and still skiing, loving it every day!" - Uncle Jerry

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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