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7. Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

It was nice to go to bed last night knowing our first real snow storm was on its way. ❄️ We woke up to 7" of fresh snow which was a treat, not my favorite type of snow but some great base snow. With temps hovering in the mid 30s the snow was heavy and wet with some lingering precipitation that didn't quite get to freeze before falling, AKA rain. 😢 All of that being siad I wasn't going to miss our first powder day?! Abby is visiting her mom in Maine so it was up to me to make sure you all got the inside scoop.

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Me and all my friends!

Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 8/122

🚡 Lift Count: 3/20

I hoped on the B-Quad at 9 a.m. to see what things were looking like and unfortunately the storm last night caused delays in the Sunburst opening. I stopped by to chat with some of the lift maintenance team and they were dealing with some icing issues at the summit. One great thing about the Sunburst is that the chairs can be removed at night to prevent long delays when inclement weather rolls in. 🌨️ They still needed to climb some towers and run through their safety checks, but it was much faster than having to deal with icing on the chairs. They estimated that by 10 a.m. we would be loading. That meant I had some time to kill. Fortunately I run a Vacation Rental company and was able to make my way over to Winterplace to get some work done while I waited.


Pro Tip: Wear some old goggles when you need to constantly wipe them, your gloves or jacket can scratch goggles very easily.


At 10 a.m. I was back at the Sunburst, just in time for them to start loading. By this time most of the rain had past and we were just dealing with some foggy conditions that forced you to wipe your goggles every minute or two. The summit was stuck in the clouds there was a thin crusty layer right at the summit but it quickly softened up as you made your way down. I only had time for one run and they had yet to pull the ropes to Upper Sapphire and Arrow so it was Upper World Cup for me. 🏆 They groomed out the snow we received lasyt night which was a good call. The snow was very heavy, the kind of snow that can grab you if you aren't paying attention. Over all it was great to see the mountain covered in snow again. With Sapphire and Arrow being added to the docket they are expanding quickly. They were grooming out Nor'Easter this morning too so we expect that to come online very soon, most likely tomorrow. If you are venturing out today make sure you have a good jacket to stay dry, this was my first time testing out my new Helly Hansen Jacket and it did not disappoint. A pair of good low light goggles would also be a good idea, no matter what you will have fun cause winter is back baby! ☃️


"First Powder Day?!?" - Unknown person waiting for the Sunburst to open.


We have a NEW PATRON! 🎉 Thank you to Gigi Katsiff for supporting us! Welcome to the World Cup Tier. This is the best way to support our free snow reports.

Think snow,

Abby + Noah








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