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71. Sunday, March 12th

What a day to be alive and happy Sunday, dear subscribers! It's Abby here with your afternoon update. Was daylight savings a surprise to you too? 😴 I woke up at 7 a.m. wondering why I felt like I slept for 10 minutes, but decided to push through and get my ski gear together after realizing that there are probably a lot of people still sleeping after losing that hour. I made the right move and got on the slopes shortly after 8 a.m. with my good friend, Cole, with no lift lines and fantastic conditions. Plus, it's a bluebird day and nothing makes me happier than working on my goggle tan.

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
The girl squad snowboard entourage at SouthFace.

We started our morning at the Clock Tower base area and utilized the F-10 Carpet to Sachem Quad to Glades Quad chairlift link to finally reached the summit. We didn't mind the slow lifts because the views were unbeatable in the crystal clear sky. But, I wouldn't be mad if they finally ditched those two slow lifts and replaced them with a Gondola. 😉

We finally reached the true summit and slid down towards SouthFace. Cole and I managed to hit every run on the sunny side of the mountain (well, except for the glades) and enjoyed short lines, soft snow, and my ski pocket snacks. ☀️ Blind Faith and Stump Jumper were ideally groomed shredding trails while Off the Rim and Double Diamond offered up soft moguls and fried human legs. I think we made the right move by starting the day on SouthFace because as the day warmed up and the sun kept shining, the snow over there started to turn to mashed potatoes and got sticky in areas.

To our delight, we met up with Noah and his snowboard entourage including Rachel, Abigail, and Zoe. The five of us hit Rimrock while Noah showed off and went down Outrage solo (he said it was epic). Glades Peak Quad had no line, so we went toward the summit and enjoyed Buckhorn to Rum Run. When we reached the steep wall before The Narrows, there was a crowd of 15 skiers and riders all waiting their turn to ski this one skiable alleyway instead of hucking it over the ice. In true Rachel form, she went over the ice anyway and we followed suit...and made it out alive. 🤘 The Narrows, a short one-way out glades trail, was super bumped up and the shade didn't help with the scratchy patches. Whistler, however, served up some great glades skiing in both sections with fluffy bumps.

Reminiscing on our incredible run down Timberline and Cutter's Folly over a strawberry fruit leather, the Evergreen Express brought us to the summit for the last time. Last but not least, World Cup was a dream as the final run of the day. 🏆 Overall, the groomed terrain was skiing very nicely today and the groomers did a great job flattening out the snow surface last night. As the temperatures reached the 40s, soft bumps were forming and the snow started to grip the bottom of your skis and board. If I could redo this day over and over, I would!


Pro Tip: Skip the lines at A&B Quad and take the F-10 Carpet to the Sachem Quad!


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 122/122

🚡 Lift Count: 20/20

☀️ Weather: Bluebird & 40s!

More snow is on the way! 🚨 Starting around 4 p.m. tomorrow evening and continuing through Tuesday, the Okemo Valley should see between 10-18" of pow pow. Higher elevations will get more but it sounds like March is demanding to hold the title as the snowiest month of the winter. We can't wait to enjoy the fresh snow and we will keep you updated!


"The Snow Town of Vermont" - Okemo Mountain | 1956

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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