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74. Thursday, February 29th

Happy Leap Year! 🐸 It's Abby with your Thursday update, thanks to today's reporter on the slopes, Joe Karl from @raviesokemo. Let's hop right in and talk about the recent weather and how it's impacted Okemo's conditions. Yesterday's rain and warm temps was not ideal for the longevity of the ski season, but we heard lots of folks saying the skiing was a blast in the soft slushy snow. 🍦


Today, Okemo is already snowmaking again and freshening up our trails. 🔫 I'm not concerned about yesterday's episode from Mother Nature and how it impacts the length of the season, to be honest. The deep snowmaking base depth combined with continued snowmaking and their ability to keep trails in top-notch shape is exactly why I love calling Okemo my home mountain. 😁


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Joe braved the gusty morning and took a few laps at Okemo to check out the conditions! 💨 He was surprised (but not shocked) by how good the conditions were considering the warm temps and rain yesterday. The conditions are definitely firm granular with temps in the 20s. It's truly impressive what Okemo's snowcats and Mountain Ops teams can do overnight. 🤯


The Sunburst Six and Evergreen Express started the day on hold, so Joe went to Black Ridge for runs down Lower Arrow. An underrated chairlift, this triple can help you bypass the busy lines at the Sunburst on the weekends, so keep that tip in your back pocket. Watch Joe's run down Lower Arrow on our Instagram. 👀


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 98/122

🚡 Lift Count: 1/320


We did lose about 18 trails according to the Okemo Conditions Twitter (I refuse to call it X lol) due to the overnight freeze. Trails at Jackson Gore including Big Bang, Black Hole, Rolling Thunder, and Supernova are all closed, which isn't a surprise because none of these have snowmaking on them if I'm not mistaken. 👎


Several other glades or non-snowmaking trails on the Main Face that are currently closed, but we expect them to reopen when we get more snow include Whispering Pines, Whistler, Willie's Way, Broken Arrow, Challenger, Ledges, and a few others.


Joe notes that today's mantra is to capture a bit of patience and know you're skiing on limited terrain. When trails start closing, you may notice the pace of crowds changes too. This won't last long though because March is the snowiest month in Vermont. Did you know that? Bring on the good stuff! ❄️


Pro Tip: Thank your Mountain Ops crew members when you see them, they do a lot for us while working long hours in tough weather conditions.


The U16 States on Chief is currently taking place until Friday 3/1. 🏆 Local racers from OMS will also be competing in this competition! When you see that Chief is closed, it’s for a good reason with racers training or competing. Cheer on your local racers!! 👏


 "Whatever happens on Leap Day, stays in Leap Day."


Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,








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