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75. Friday, March 17th

Good afternoon everyone, Noah here with your St. Patricks Day update. 🍀 Unofficial Okemo took a field trip yesterday, making our way over to the quaint town of Brownsville, VT to check out conditions at Ascutney. If you have been around the area for a while, you will remember Ascutney Mountain Resort which closed in 2010. Since then, Brownsville has stepped in with two non-profits, Ascutney Outdoors and Ascutney Trails Association, to retain this gem of recreation in the community. Just a short drive from Ludlow, Ascutney offers amazing mountain biking and backcountry skiing. Keep reading for more! ⬇️

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Alden & Mullen exploring the trails of Ascutney.

I met up with our friends Avery and Alden to take advantage of what turned out to be the best day I have ever had at Ascutney. The 2+ feet of snow that fell earlier this week was on the wetter side, heavy and sticky, but temps dropped Wednesday night, which dried the snow out and left Ascutney with fluffy powder waiting for us. ❄️ The lower part of the mountain is maintained by Ascutney Outdoors, which can be accessed by a T-Bar and a rope tow. If you want to ski the upper mountain, you have to earn your turns. They have established skinning routes that weave through the remains of the old ski area. Upon reaching the summit, you are greeted with Norman Rockwell -esque views of the fields of farms of Reading, West Windsor, and Heartland. 🖼️ You can see the Green Mountains to the West with the white peaks of Okemo and Killington in the distance.

After some coffee and a breakfast sandwich on the summit, we headed towards skier's right to drop into some steeps, glades, and a sliver of freshly groomed terrain. The snow was DEEP, soft, and fluffy. When we reached the bottom, it was an easy answer when Avery asked "do you have time for another lap?"... luckily, I had all the time in the world for another run when the skiing is this good. 🙌 Ascutney is a small mountain, they are community-focused, and they offer some of the best skiing and biking around. You have to work for it, but as long as you make a stop at the Brownsville Butcher and Pantry on your way home, it will always be worth it.


Pro Tip: If you haven't tried a Brownsville Butcher burger in this life, you're doing it wrong.


Okemo had one heck of a week! After the biggest storm of the year, the mountain is primed for a killer weekend. It is spitting snow and rain right now, but it won't last or accumulate top much. Saturday is looking to be on track for a spring day with temperatures expected to be above freezing for most of the day, potentially reaching into the 40s with cloudy skies. There will be some wind rolling through as temperatures fluctuate and drop below freezing Saturday night and through Sunday. 🥳 With 100% of the terrain open this late in the season, it's going to be a great weekend to grab your gear and get up here to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.


"Kiss me, I'm Irish!" - Noah 🍀

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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