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76. Saturday, March 18th

How are we feeling today, friends? Did you indulge in rounds of Guinness at The Killarney last night? 🍻 Well, that's what happens when St. Patty's lands on a Friday in a ski town! The fun doesn't stop though with a Shamrock Scavenger Hunt and Après Afternoons today. ☘️ Noah is filled with the luck of the Irish because he got to take some lift laps with friends and family this morning. He's got the low-down on how the weekend ski conditions are and what to expect if you hit the slopes today at Okemo Mountain!

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Noah & the squad posing at the Evergreen Express

You know when your doctor says "no exercise for a week" after a procedure? Well, my dentist told me that earlier this week, but I didn’t listen and decided to hike Mount Ascutney on Wednesday… that was a mistake. 🥴 So today, I grabbed first chair instead of doing my usual early-morning hike. I started my day at Jackson Gore to meet my future cousin-in-law Kevin for first chair. Kevin left Boston this morning at 4:45 a.m., had his Tesla plugged in at 7:45 a.m., and was in line at The Coleman Brook Express Quad at 7:55 a.m.; he has his priorities straight. 🤘

As we started skiing, we had pale blue skies with some dark clouds in the distance, but the sun was shining down on us. The snow firmed up overnight but was softening into some excellent spring conditions. Quantum Leap was fast, firm, and begging for a pair of freshly tuned skis (hello, Boot Pro). 🎿 The bumps on Big Bang were a treat, and the glades were also in great shape. I found some untraced heavier powder between Rolling Thunder and White Lightning. After meeting up with the rest of Kevin's crew, including Ethan, Alyssa, Eilish, and Jackson, we made our way over to Solitude.

Together, skied Lower Timberline and Sidewinder, my trail pick of the day. 🤩 The Plunge was also poppin' with top-tier moguls. As the sun shines and temps rise today the snow will soften, giving you soft spring snow. Natural moguls are likely to form in high-traffic areas, but that's what spring is all about, right?


Pro Tip: The Teton Gravity Stokemobile will be at Après Afternoons with live music & raffle prizes today... happening from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Jackson Gore Courtyard.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 122/122

🚡 Lift Count: 20/20

🌤️ Weather: Sun & Clouds - Upper-30s

☘️ Shamrock Scavenger Hunt Today!

We were all worried about the rain, but it barely sprinkled yesterday. The mountain doesn't show signs of any rain damage and the snow base is so deep that it's really a non-issue. The weather today will be super enjoyable with temps nearing the 40s and a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day. 🌤️ If you were hoping to ride the mountain coaster, it is unfortunately closed this weekend. However, snow tubing is open to get your thrills!


"What's the difference between a hippo and zippo? A zippo is a little lighter" - The Liftie @ Quantum Six

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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