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77. Sunday, March 3rd

Happy Spring Skiing Sunday, Squad! 🌸 Today's snow report is brought to you by our Patron, Lauren! As a ski mom and Okemo local, I think you'll find her report super helpful and relatable. She crushed it! Keep reading below. ⬇️


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Happy 03/03 spring ski enthusiasts! This is Lauren, first time poster but long-time Unofficial enthusiast. It’s a brilliant one out here with bluebird skies in the mid/ lower half (a bit of fog moving through the summit) and a soft (and getting softer by the minute) snow base. 🧈


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 95/122

🚡 Lift Count: 20/20


My lil’ dude and I were in the A/B Quad line by 8 and had time for a run before meeting his OMS freeski group at 8:30. Dropped the lunch bag at the Sugar House (even beating the ski rack set-up outside) 🙌 and slid right through the loading zone with barely a pause. We spent most of the ride admiring our fellow lift-riders Nordica skis (I think it was Unofficial friend Hannah) and debated how much money we would need to be offered to ski Fast Lane today, which had several rocks showing (we settled for $0 because we assumed it would be soft with enough snow on the sides to get by).


We headed right for Jolly as the lil’ dude only skis trails that lead to the Zone or Blackout and were delighted to realize we had the whole trail to ourselves. Even that early, the surface was soft enough that we experienced no ice (a novelty for that trail) and could really lean into the rollers. 👏 Lil’ dude headed right for Blackout and I headed left for Arrow, and continued a solo journey on an EMPTY ARROW, certainly an Okemo first for me. 😀


After a quick wave to the OMS crew at the Yurt I headed back to the 6-pack with a plan to head to JG to meet my 6-yr old goddaughter at 9 am for her skiing debut. My route there was Rum Run to Upper Mountain Road, my first of the season, and I enjoyed the quiet, solo meander through the trees. Due to the lack of humans on the mountain, Dysfunction Junction was pleasantly functional and Limelight was also soft and empty allowing for some speed. 😆


Pro Tip: Wear sunscreen!!!


JG is optimized for beginners with a mellower vibe and accessible Waffle Cabin and my goddaughter was ready to GO. 🧇 After a quick set-up by the Rental Shop we headed right for the Magic Carpet with high expectations. And the experience did not disappoint. We did 7 runs focusing on bended knees and that pizza shape, we relished the sun, breaking for a quick snow angel or two, and finished with a chocolate-covered waffle. ‘Skiing is my favorite winter thing to do’ she said and I couldn’t agree more. 🍕


We parted ways and I’m continuing my day back over on the 6-pack reveling in the lack of lift lines and clothing on fellow skiers and riders (shorts! No shirts!). 🥵 It’s getting a bit like mashed potatoes 🥔 at the mid-mountain and lower, my skis were jerked a few times by the snow on Lower Chief but it will take much more than that to change my opinion of this most excellent Sunday.


"Let’s hope Spring Sundays from here on out are as glorious." - Lauren 🙏


Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,

Abby & Lauren







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