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79. Tuesday, March 21st

Happy Spring! 🌷 This time of year is bittersweet for us ski lovers because it means that the snow is dwindling and the ski season is coming to a close, but spring skiing conditions are on the rise and so are the best tailgating and après afternoons. There's nothing better than skiing or riding in a t-shirt and sunglasses (and pants too, of course) under the warm spring sun and cruising on buttery soft snow. It's a season of new beginnings, so in the spirit of spring, send today's report to your less-cool friend that doesn't already subscribe. 💌 Jessie gave Abby and Noah a day off from the slopes today to bring you today's snow report! Keep reading to hear about her perfect Tuesday at Okemo. ⬇️

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Can you name this perfectly groomed trail?

Technically, the spring season started at 5:24 p.m. yesterday (the equinox), but since lifts weren’t running then, I’m going to call today the first official ski day of spring. Mother Nature showed up with some beautiful warm weather – by the time I got back to my car around noon today the temperature read 48 degrees. 🌤️ After a cloudy start to the morning, the sun is now shining brightly on this balmy day.

I started off my day at Jackson Gore and snagged a great parking spot for first chair. There were no lines at Quantum Six this morning so I took a few laps before migrating across the mountain. White Lightning and Quantum Leap were hard, fast, and groomed to perfection. 👌 I always think these trails are at their best first thing in the morning – so I gave into temptation and skied them twice! After some fun runs on Tuckered Out, Black Hole, and Eclipse, I headed over to Solitude. Sidewinder was surprisingly soft compared to my first runs at Jackson Gore, and I can confirm it’s still in good shape after hitting it again for my last run of the day.


Pro Tip: If you’re a tree skier, now is the time to get in the woods while these trails are still open! Remember to bring your rock skis as spring conditions continue to progress.


I made sure to grab some runs in the trees today and hit Black Hole, Double Diamond, Whistler, and Everglade. 🌲 While the snow is admittedly pretty firm and bumped up on most of the glades trails (not quite the peak conditions we had last week), I was able to find a bit of soft untracked powder in the middle of Everglade – my favorite run of the day. 💚 There’s something special about getting to ski in the woods when it’s almost 50 degrees!

Overall, most trails today had nice soft snow that hadn’t gotten sticky (yet!), but that may change as our warm temperatures continue this afternoon and tomorrow. The lack of crowds today helped to preserve the snowpack, but expect conditions to continue to progress in a spring-like direction over the next couple of days. Areas that get more sun (looking at you South Face) and runs at lower elevations (e.g., Lower Chief and Lower World Cup) were the softest today. 🥞


"After six days straight on skis this past week, my legs are beat, but my heart is happy!” – Jessie 💘

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