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83. Monday, March 11th

Surprise! 🎉 Not only has it been a sneaky snow day, we are also sharing a special report from our subscriber, Jeff Boulter. ❄️


We've regained nearly 28 trails after yesterday's snow storm, which is a huge win. All of Jackson Gore is now open, and only a few small connector trails plus Ledges and Willie's Way are closed. However, today's windy conditions made it difficult to reach 'em with many lifts on hold. Jeff dives into today's wins, challenges, and the snow conditions. ⬇️

Hey everyone, Jeff here! It was super windy all night and the window rattling kept waking me up. 💨 I thought the wind would put the bubble lifts on hold, but there was nothing in the early report so I headed on down Sachem from Trailside Village. From Zip, I could see that Sunburst Six was indeed on wind hold. 😅 What I should have done was just head down to the A&B Quads to the Black Ridge Quad, but instead I went down to the Sachem Quad and got on just as it opened at 9 am. 


Once I got on the lift, I realized my mistake. You can’t get anywhere else from the top of Sachem (Glades Peak was on hold). Later, I did see some people hiking up Rimrock to get to Southface. 💪 At the top, Mark Morrison, who’s usually manning the Sunburst Six, was whacking the chairs with a big stick to get the snow and ice off. I thanked him for not hitting me with it.


The consolation for my mistake was getting first tracks on Lower World Cup. 🏆 The snow was much easier than yesterday’s concrete, with an inch or two of powder on top of scratchy ice from last night’s freeze. ❄️


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 116/122

🚡 Lift Count: 11/20


The only lift I could get to that would reach a summit was Jackson Gore, so I headed that way via Solitude. The powder made the snow pretty slow, so the crossing through Malfunction Junction was more work than usual. Lower Limelight was bumpy and quickly turning to moguls at 9:30 am. 🔥


On the way up Quantum Six, Quantum Leap looked like all moguls so I thought would try Tuckered Out. To my surprise, Black Hole, one of the 6 trails I haven’t done this year, was open, so I timidly jumped in. 🙏 The snow was deep and soft which was great because I fell a lot. 😉


I survived and headed back up to actually do Tuckered Out. It was a bit slow, but not full of moguls so there’s that. The sharp left turn was icy as usual, but otherwise it was fun. 👍


Pro Tip: The ski bridge on Promenade is a little known secret


It was time to start heading home, so I took Sunset Strip to Lower Mountain Road. I was hoping The Shadows was open so I could check another trail off my list, but the ropes were still up. ⚠️ For fun, I crossed by the top of the A&B Quad over to Ledgewood since I haven’t been over there in a long time. One of my other to-do trails, Snow Trak, was open, so I enjoyed some fresh tracks on it. Snow Trak is a one-way trail, so once I got to the bottom, I turned around and hiked my way back up. 🥾 It was a good workout. Just after the tunnel I ran into a group that did not realize it was one-way. They were thankful I saved them half of the hike back. 👌


To my surprise, Sachem was the best trail I had done all day! 🥰 It was smooth and fun, a relief for my quads after yesterday. If I had more time, I would have taken the lift back up to do it again. The wind seems to be calming down and it’s been flurrying all day, so fingers crossed for more terrain and faster conditions tomorrow!


"I guess I should have skied today." - Abby


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Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,

Abby & Lauren







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