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84. Monday, March 27th

Happy Monday, UO fam! ☀️ It's Abby here with your afternoon update. Today was a classic Abby and Noah mess-around where we miscommunicated and we both ended up skiing. This slight overlook turned out to be a happy accident because we got to spend some quality time on this stunning bluebird day. 🐦 We were joined by our local friend, David, who you may have seen before at The Spring House with his glorious mustache. The conditions were rapidly changing throughout the morning and we are here to tell you about it!

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
David, Abby, and Noah all smiles at the summit!

Pulling up to the Clock Tower Base Area is a rarity for us Jackson Gore diehards, but the three of us gathered at B Quad to start our ski day. The parking lots were quite empty, there were absolutely no lift lines, and it was very quiet at the otherwise buzzing base area. 🤫 It was a perfect day to lap the Sunburst Six without any wait time, so we stayed on the main face and Solitude today.

I wasn't confident that the skiing would be good this morning because the temps were in the 20s last night and the weekend ski traffic usually does a number on spring conditions. The first bit between B Quad and the Sunburst Six on Lower Mountain Road was very scratchy, and hard, and it was difficult to grab an edge... which made me worried for the first few runs of the day. However, Sapphire to Heaven's Gate to Screamin' Demon was not the same experience, luckily. 🤞 Sapphire was easy riding with groomed, soft terrain. Heaven's Gate was really nice with fresh corduroy and barely had any inconsistencies. Screamin' Demon skied slightly harder, I think because more of the trail is in the shade and it's a less-traveled trail so it had firmer snow with some divets and sketchy groomer marks. I stayed on skier's left and enjoyed the way down.

We continued on with our sun-filled ski day and found that the terrain was changing pretty quickly, offering a new experience every run. 😆 We enjoyed super soft snow on Nor'Easter, Lower Tomahawk, Black Out, Jolly Green Giant, and Sweet Solitude. Countdown was super skied off and was pretty much a hard ice wall, but not entirely un-skiable. I'm sure the sun is softening that up now, though.


Pro Tip: Everyone loves the Sachem trail, but have you tried Easy Street to Home Stretch?


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 120/122

🚡 Lift Count: 11/20

☀️ Weather: Bluebird & Mid-40s

We often get comments and emails about our snow reporting not being "accurate" paired with stories of folks who had a different experience. Today was a perfect example of how fast the snow changes. You could ski the same run back to back and you'd likely have a smooth trail and then a bumped-up trail within a matter of 30 minutes. This is a reminder that we are reporting on the conditions in the moment and you'll likely have a different experience than we did. Everyone has a different ability level and personal perspectives on the conditions, as do we. ✌️


“I like skiing with you when you're skiing tele... you're slower!” - Abby to Noah 😂

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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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