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87. Friday, March 31st

Happy Friday from the demo ski queen - it's Abby with today's snow report. There's nothing better than bookending the week with bluebird ski days alongside your best friend. 🗓️ On Monday, Noah and I took our official unofficial meetings to the slopes and decided to do it all again today. This time, I took out another pair of demo skis thanks to our friends at The Boot Pro while Noah tried to keep up with me on his tele skis. Today was one for the books, so keep reading to find out why. 📚 It's a long one, but stay to the end, it's worth it.

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Abby with today's demo ski: Nordica Santa Ana!

Just telling by the sunrise I knew it was going to be a good ski day. It was pretty cold overnight with this morning's temperatures hovering under 20 degrees, so the snow was in great form for some fast turns to start the day. 🏎️ Before I made my way up the access road, I stopped at The Boot Pro and Randy set me up with the Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free. It's slightly wider than my current ski and it has a lot more rocker to it, so it was definitely a change but a phenomenal one. My warm-up run on Chief made me feel like a superstar skier thanks to the perfectly soft ski (8/10 on Randy's scale) and the wider surface helped me make sweeping wide turns that got me cruising in no time.🌟

The snow surface was quite consistent across the mountain today. Jolly Green, Upper Timberline, Coleman Brook, Sidewinder, Heaven's Gate, Exhibition, Lower Tomahawk, and World Cup were insanely good with smooth terrain, no ice, and pristine grooming. 😇 If you don't like hard bumps and frozen chunks, stay away from Boomerang... even the skier's right groomed section was pretty rough. Screamin' Demon was also low on the list, but only because the ridges and uneven groomer marks were noticeable compared to the top-ranking trails above, but nothing to complain about. The conditions will turn today as snow rolls in, but we weren't skiing on mashed potatoes today whatsoever. 🥔 It was truly a treat for the last day of March. We said multiple times today that it's hard to believe the skiing is this good with April around the corner.


Pro Tip: The Boot Pro has a range of demo skis that you can try then buy! Check it out.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 120/122

🚡 Lift Count: 11/20

🌦️ Weather: Mid-30s & Afternoon Snow/Rain

Let's talk about the weather. Our trusty weatherman, The West River Weather Guy, says that low elevations will only see rain tonight, but anything above 1,000 feet will likely be a mix of rain/snow and insignificant in snow totals. We will see rain showers tomorrow (no this is not a joke) and should accumulate up to an inch...yikes. ☔️ The system will begin to clear out by Saturday afternoon with the possibility of some sun peeping through. The temperature will near the 60s tomorrow, so if you're planning to ski, it will feel humid and you're sure to get wet. We will see how this storm affects the snow surface moving forward, but the base is still deep so shouldn't be too bad. This is, however, the start of the downfall as we near the end of the season. 😢🧘‍♀️


Saying that this was a Miracle March is an understatement. To start, we received 50+ inches of snow, with two major snow storms that gave us some of the best skiing of the year. ☃️ Some highlights include hosting our celebrity snow reporters, we took two field trips, we skied with new and old friends, we broke 1,000 email subscribers, and reached 2,500 Instagram followers. 🏆 I picked up Tele skiing this month while Abby has demoed a variety of skis to find her new set.

As we enter into April and the end of the ski season, we have had time to reflect on how far Unofficial Okemo has come. We started this project as a way to ski more and share this wonderful place we call home. All of your support has made it more than we ever imagined. 🤯 This platform has enabled us to ski almost every day and enjoy all the benefits of living in a small Vermont community with a world-class ski area at our doorstep. The reasons we live here include the community, the proximity to the outdoors, and a true love for the Vermont way of life. 💛 Skiing is a big part of that, not the only part, but definitely my favorite. Thanks for spending your winter with us and we look forward to sharing the next couple of weeks of spring skiing at Okemo!


“I don’t necessarily look great, but I can get down anything." - Tele-Skier Noah


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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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