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89. Sunday, April 2nd

If you're reading this, you're either about to be embarrassed or you already are because yesterday's announcement was an April Fools' prank! 😈 We are NOT going to Orlando but we are pleased with how thorough our joke was to convince y'all that we would really prefer Florida summers over Vermont. 😂 In what world would we willingly choose roller coasters, lines, and theme park food over lake days, peaceful hikes, and farm-to-table deliciousness?! Never. We are definitely staying put and hope to bring you Unofficial Okemo: Summer Edition. ☀️

Now, onto what you actually came here for. Noah skied this morning so you don't have to! Just kidding, you should definitely ski this afternoon on this beautiful bluebird day. He's here to tell you about the conditions and what to expect after the rain, sleet, and sunshine we witnessed yesterday. ⬇️

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Jess, Andrew, Cole, and Noah!

Hey everyone, its Noah here with your late morning report. I didn’t make it up to hike first thing today, because honestly, my bed was nice and warm and very tempting at 6 a.m. Instead, I got up to the mountain around 8:30 a.m. It was blustery at the base, 25 degrees, and felt like winter. 🥶 The sun was shining with bright blue skies and greeted by crisp snow, so getting out of bed wasn't a letdown. As I made it to the summit, it was apparent why some lifts started the day on wind hold. 💨

I have to say, the snow was actually in good shape. Frozen granular would be the best way to describe it, small frozen balls of water, kind of like a snow cone. It was very edgeable and not the skied-off ice I was anticipating after such a drastic temperature drop last night. 🌡️ We didn't lose any trails after yesterday's storm either. After one lap on the main face, I made my way over to Jackson Gore to meet up with our good friend Cole. If you don’t know, Cole is from Zimbabwe and he has his sister Jess and best friend Andrew who made the long trip to visit Vermont this week. In fact, this is their first time seeing snow, and naturally their first time skiing. 😮 After a couple of laps on the magic carpet, we were ready for the chairlift.


Pro Tip: Skiing with beginners? Head to the F-10 Carpet on the main face or the Stargazer Carpet at Jackson Gore.


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 121/122

🚡 Lift Count: 15/20

☀️ Weather: Sunshine & High-20s.

Today is just another example of what makes skiing so special. Skiing is about having fun with friends, learning, and enjoying whatever Mother Nature gives us. With big smiles, Jess and Andrew made their way down the slopes, progressing fast and having a blast. It’s always great to see new faces on the mountain trying to figure out how to slide down frozen water on some strips of wood. 🪵 At the end of the day, I believe the best skier on the mountain is the one who had the most fun.


"I'm afraid of heights" - Jess on her first chairlift ride


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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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