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90. Monday, April 3rd

Good afternoon from sunny Okemo! Today was a jam-packed Monday for the Unofficial Okemo team. Abby spent the morning with the Vermont Properties Team getting a private tour from Bruce Schmidt, the Vice President & General Manager, and Eb Kinney, the Senior Director of Mountain Operations. 💫 The tour was a raffle prize at the Okemo Mountain School fundraiser, and the real estate team won big with that one!

Noah, on the other hand, set out on the slopes for his standing DNA Monday 🧬 (David, Noah, and Abby), where the three spend the morning skiing together and rate who's mustache is worse: David's or Noah's (it's the latter, obviously). 🥸 There was lots of skiing to be had on this absolutely gorgeous day, so keep reading to hear all about the private tour and the conditions.

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
The Vermont Properties Team with Bruce & Eb!

The Vermont Properties Team got a jump start on the day with early lift access at 8:30 a.m. and a tour of the Sunburst Six as they waited for the first chair to the summit at 9 a.m. They climbed up the ladder to the lorry and learned all about the high-speed bubble chair and got to see a unique perspective of the chairs coming into the lower terminal. They learned that the heated seats are charged as they enter the terminal and it only lasts until about pole 16, in case you were wondering. 🔥 They got to take a tour of the mid-mountain pump house and learned about the mountain's energy use and restrictions, the cost of snowmaking hoses (about $400 each!), and a quick overview of the weather and how it affects snowmaking.

The skiing at 9 a.m. started off firm, scratchy, and incredibly fast across a majority of the mountain. 💨 There were a few rumble strip stretches on Roundhouse Run but overall, the snow was exactly how it's been on most cold mornings this spring. As the day continued, the snow softened and it was ideal spring skiing conditions and what you would expect a 45-degree day to be. ☀️


Pro Tip: The tallest chairlift tower is #10 on the Quantum Six so put down that safety bar!


Noah and Dave met at The Cafè at DeLight for two eggs over easy and toast before heading up to Okemo to catch the first chair. 🍳 They made their way to the summit and headed down Chief to get things moving. The snow was crisp from a couple of nights of below-freezing temperatures but it was edge able and softening up in the sunshine. Great snow for Noah to work on his Tele turns. Keeping their eyes peeled for Abby, they kept checking trails off the list, Countdown, World Cup, Sweet Solitude, Coleman Brook, Sidewinder, Heavens Gate, and so on… They didn’t find their trail of the day until they met up with Abby and the rest of the Vermont Properties team. 👀

Without a doubt, World Cup took the trail of day! 🏆 It was the combination of grooming, softening snow conditions, and song selection (at least for Noah and Dave) that had us all jonesing for more. A little before noon it was time for Abby to go and try the Fried Pickles from The Bull which she recently discovered were gluten-free.🍟 Noah also had a phone call with one of our subscribers, shout out to Stephan! It wasn’t long before our Zimbabwean friends made their way down for a lunch too. In case you were curious Jess and Andrew made it to the top today, two days on snow and they already made it to the summit, way to go!


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 95/122 (SouthFace is closed)

🚡 Lift Count: 8/20

☀️ Weather: Sunshine & High-20s.

An update on lift and trail status: SouthFace is now closed midweek. Morning Star lift is closed midweek as well, but will open on Good Friday for the weekend. This is the last week of skiing Jackson Gore, as it will close after this weekend. Starting on Monday, April 10th, only the main face will be open for skiing until the season ends. The Sunburst Six will be open, but the Evergreen Express will be closed midweek. As always, check @OkemoConditions for updates. ✅


"I haven't missed a winter season since I started working in 1978." - Bruce Schmidt


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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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