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90. Saturday, March 23rd

Finally, the POWDER DAY we've been waiting for! ❄️ We now have 13" and counting and there is no stopping in sight. I predict we could get almost 20" of snow when this storm wraps up late tonight. 😎 Needless to say, this morning at Okemo was absolutely epic. Keep reading...


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Hey, it's Abby with your powder day report! 👋 Waking up to 8" inches of freshies on a Saturday morning with my husband Danny (who luckily had the day off) can only mean one thing: powder laps with my bestie. 🤝


The snow is super light and fluffy, making it my type of ideal powder day conditions. 💯 As a petite lady with knees of an 97-year-old, heavy powder is tough for me, but today I was floating through the piles with ease on my Nordica Santa Anas. 🛟 While they aren't a "powder ski" they get the job done.


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 90/122

🚡 Lift Count: 12/20

🧤 Today's Gear: Helly Hansen

🎿 Today's Ski: Nordica Santa Ana


Expect choppy powder conditions with free refills all day, meaning the snow surface will continuously change as it continues to dump. 🤘 You'll find untouched powder all day if you look for it. One lady said that I "make it look easy" to which I responded, "thank you, but I'm trying really hard right now". 😂


Pro Tip: Don't duck ropes on closed trails. The patrollers will open them once they are deemed safe!


Vortex to Eclipse was one heck of a run to start off the morning. 🥵 We got to the mountain nearly 20 minutes after first chair, and there were already lots of skiers and riders on the hill. The run was chopped up, but again, it's so light that you can just plow right through it if you have enough gusto. 🔥


We also skied Sunset Strip, which was groomed, and headed down to Sidewinder for some fun powder stashes on the side of the trail. There were lots of little kids falling left and right, so keep an eye out for the youngsters today. 👀


Exhibition was phenomenal with minimal ski tracks, and Boomerang was a workout to say the least. 💪 We then took Daybreak, said hi to the Candy Mailbox, and enjoyed a pretty much untouched cruiser to the Morning Star Triple. We agree that the top-to-bottom Solitude run was the best of the day. 👑


It felt really good to get a legitimate powder day under my belt after a very light snowfall month. 👖 We didn't last too long because 1. we are out of shape and 2. we got the best runs of the day in... but really 3. we really wanted to go sledding with Maple. 🐶


Enjoy the pow and ski and ride safely. 😇 - Abby


"My Pro Tip of the day is: Don't duck ropes on closed trails" - Abby

"You sound like a nark" - Danny


Please follow the Uphill Travel Policy at Okemo, follow the rules, and be cool about it.

Think snow,

Unofficial Okemo







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