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91. Tuesday, April 4th

Jessie here with your Tuesday snow report. I won’t sugarcoat it, folks – it’s raining.🌧️ But if you can manage to stay dry, the mountain is empty today, and the snow is in great shape! Given the weather forecast, I was iffy about skiing today, but I had a great morning on the slopes and am so glad I stayed the course.

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
The Bubble's steal the show on days like this!

First off – let's just note how awesome it is that Okemo has 95 trails still open on April 4th. I was pleasantly surprised with today's snow conditions – seriously fantastic for early April! While the snow was wet, it generally wasn't sticky and is still skiing pretty fast (yay!). A minimal number of bare spots are just starting to think about peeking out, but they're far and few between, and coverage is frankly incredible. Heads up to my fellow Waffle fans – looks like the Waffle Cabins were closed today (maybe they're switching to the same weekend-only schedule as South Face?)


Pro Tip: Don’t be like me – remember to close your helmet vents when it’s raining! 😆


My traditional first run on Vortex and Quantum Leap was a blast. The soft snow was more forgiving than the usual fast and firm surface (which I also love!). I saw several little shredders taking advantage of the spring conditions and challenging themselves on Quantum Leap – spring is a great time to try this steep groomer if you find it too intimidating in the middle of winter.

Chief was my favorite run today, with Heavens Gate as a close runner-up. 👑 Even though I didn't hit these trails until later in the morning, there was still plenty of untouched soft corduroy on the edges (another benefit of today's minimal crowds). I also had a blast on World Cup, Screamin' Demon, Coleman Brook, Sidewinder, and Jack-a-lope. Upper Tomahawk was the only run where snow was a bit sticky today – but that's to be expected since this trail is ungroomed. Thanks to the lack of traffic, runs like Sidewinder hadn't developed their characteristic spring bumps yet (at least when I stopped skiing around lunchtime). Temperatures aren't expected to fall below freezing until the weekend – so expect soft snow this week with some continued rain tomorrow and Thursday. So grab your waterproof gear and get out and enjoy the empty trails! ⛷️


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 95/122 (SouthFace is closed)

🚡 Lift Count: 8/20

🌧️ Weather: Wet and Cloudy

An update on lift and trail status: SouthFace is now closed midweek. Morning Star lift is closed midweek as well, but will open on Good Friday for the weekend. This is the last week of skiing Jackson Gore, as it will close after this weekend. Starting on Monday, April 10th, only the main face will be open for skiing until the season ends. The Sunburst Six will be open, but the Evergreen Express will be closed midweek. As always, check @OkemoConditions for updates. ✅


“Not too shabby for April fourth!” -Overheard at the Sunburst Six


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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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