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93. Friday, April 7th

Happy Friday readers! Jessie here with your very late afternoon snow report. It was a beautiful and blustery day at Okemo today – my husband Ryan and I had a blast soaking up the spring sun and soft snow. 😎 Our trail count jumped back up to 114 now that SouthFace is open for the weekend – that’s over 90% of Okemo’s terrain! We had some nice spring snow today that was soft and buttery, but heavy enough to give you a solid workout. 💪

Okemo Mountain Snow Report
Views for days!

We started our afternoon at Jackson Gore and enjoyed leisurely runs on Tuckered Out, Vortex, and Quantum Leap. Sidewinder, Heavens Gate, and Screamin’ Demon were also in great shape. Crowds were pretty minimal today and lift lines were non-existent. The abundant sunshine was a nice change from the cloudy (and sometimes rainy) weather we’ve had this week – looks like it’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. 🌞

The weather was a bit blustery today, but it was warm enough that this wasn’t an issue, and winds should calm down tomorrow. Bare spots are starting to crop up in a few areas across the mountain – but most are obvious and well-marked. Snow coverage is still really solid even after the bit of rain we had this week, I was impressed to see that even most glades trails were still open! Today’s snow was soft, but not too sticky except in high traffic areas.


Pro Tip: “The Snowmelt” Slush Cup and Spring Fling are happening tomorrow at Jackson Gore from 12-2pm. Don’t miss this fun spring event!


We made sure to do several runs at SouthFace today since Sunday will be the final day of the season for our favorite spot on the mountain. Dreamweaver was so nice we skied it twice. 🤗After wrapping up at SouthFace we climbed up to the top of Rimrock and took a nice long run back down to the car – cruising down Buckhorn, Sweet Solitude, Coleman Brook, Sidewinder, and finally Jack-a-lope to Southern Crossing. Sweet Solitude was my favorite trail today – the snow here seemed to be the coldest, and it’s always a treat when this wide-open trail is empty! I was stoked to see that both Waffle Cabins opened back up today – so I was able to get my fix at Jackson Gore before heading home for my 3 pm meeting. 🤪


Today's Quick Facts:

🎿 Trail Count: 114/122

🚡 Lift Count: 12/20

☀️Weather: Sunny, temps in the 40s


“My legs are beat – this spring snow has me “Tuckered Out”🤣"– Jessie


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Think snow,

Abby + Noah

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