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95. Sunday, April 14th

The day has finally come.... hey readers, it's Abby with your final report. 🥺 It always feels a bit surreal to reach the final day of the ski season. 🎬 After 95 snow reports, countless uphill hikes, probably too many days playing hooky, and weekly après ski parties, it's time to say goodbye to winter and wrap up another incredible season here at Okemo Mountain. 👋❤️ A few "thank yous" are in order...


Thank you to our subscribers and followers for continuing to come back to our reports nearly every day and reminding us what an amazing community we have. 🤗


Thank you to our Patrons who graciously supported us; y'all were the life force of our operation this season. 👑 (your membership is now paused btw!)


Thank you to everyone who purchased our merch this season! I'm shocked that we sold out of everything, and that warms my graphic designer heart so much. 🥹


Thank you to our local sponsors who chose to partner with us this season, and thanks to everyone who supported these fantastic small businesses. 💝


Thank you to Nordica for letting us whip around on the best skis in the industry, and thank you to Helly Hansen for allowing us to do so in style. 🤝


➡️ Unofficial Okemo has grown into something much larger and more important than I had imagined. It's humbling to hear how much our readers find our content helpful and critical to their ski day. It's even cooler to hear about readers following along and living vicariously through our reports while they are in their office in NYC or beyond. The reach that Unofficial has blows my mind, and the impact we have made on our community is one of the coolest things I've ever done. 🩵


We don't know what next season will bring, but we are sure that Unofficial Okemo will remain in some capacity. What is your favorite part about Unofficial? The snow reports, merch, Instagram, or something else? Respond to this email and tell us! We want to hear from you. 👂📧


Now, let's hand it over to today's snow reporter, Hannah Farrow! 📣 She wrapped up the season with a few fun runs to tell us what the final day looks like. Enjoy!

The upper mountain conditions are absolute fire today! 🔥 The lower mountain is looking more like spring and will continue to soften up as the day goes on and temps rise into the high-40s.


Either way, we are ending the season with blue skies and enough snow to ski top-to-bottom. The groomers are skiing super smooth with a little corn on top. 🌽


Today's Quick Facts:

🏔️ Trail Count: 39/122

🚡 Lift Count: 3/20

🎿 Today's Boot: Nordica Pro Machine

⛷️ Today's Ski: Nordica Santa Ana


It's going to be a great day to fit in a few final runs! Be safe, have fun, and we will see you next season. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


🚨 Before we bid adieu, I want to say a huge thank you and shoutout all of those who helped us operate Unofficial Okemo this year from snow reporting to cheerleading:


Jessie, our snow reporter & 'guy in the chair'; I'm eternally grateful for you!

Riley Karl, Ludlow's coolest photographer & our Friday snow reporter!

Ted from the Top; the best nickname in the game!

Joe Karl, Ludlow's famous Realtor & our Thursday snow reporter!

Danny Childs, my husband and biggest fan; I love you!

Hannah, my ski wife and best friend, you mean so much to me!

Alex Racicot, one of my biggest cheerleaders and role models!

Rachel Karner, Noah's fiancée and one of my most cherished friendships, ily!

Lauren, our Patron & part-time snow reporter!

The Boyarskys, for creating Unofficial Unofficial Okemo & your support!

The Schmidts, for your support, wisdom, and being another set of parents to me!

Felix & Jen, for being big UO fans and hiking with Noah this szn!


...hope I didn't miss anyone...




...My dearest Noah, to my best friend and teaching me what it's like to have a real friendship. You mean more to me than you know. I'm so proud of you and I'm lucky to have been on this Unofficial ride with you. Also, thank you for being such a good sport about people thinking that I'm your wife all the time. Cheers to you, bestie.


And with that, the 23/24 winter season has come to an end. Bye!!! 👋


"Have a great summer! We'll miss you!" - Abby + Noah


Happy Spring Skiing,

Unofficial Okemo







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